Wall Mount Maprail & Display Rail & Cork Strips

Wall Mount Maprail & Display Rail & Cork Strips

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  • Aluminum Map Rails w/ Cork Insert
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  • Bulletin Bars
    As low as $82.95
  • Tack Bite Display Rail
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  • Tackboard Display Panel by Best Rite
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  • 1'' Flag Holder
  • 2'' Flag Holder
  • 1'' End Stops- Pair
  • 2'' End Stops- Pair
  • 1'' Map Winder- Pair
  • 2'' Map Winder- Pair
  • 1'' Map Hook Clip
  • 2'' Map Hook Clip

Display Rails and Display Panels

Bulletin boards are far from the only way to display items and information. Cork strips and display rails are also excellent options, especially for items that are taller.

Save Space

Using one of these rails or panels to display items saves you a great deal of space on the wall. After all, the rail takes up a fraction of the space that a traditional board would when it is not in use. But you can still attach posters and maps that are just as long.

Options to Display All Items From a wall mount maprail to versatile cork strips, we have options that let you display any type of item. You can choose from bulletin bars, display panels, rails, and more. The great thing about using display rails instead of a traditional board is that they are versatile enough to use to showcase anything. With a large rectangular board, you have to be conscious of the empty space below the item, in addition to the space next to it. By contrast, papers and maps cover the entirety of the height of the cork strip, so it doesn’t matter how long your items are. In other words, you can use the same board for very small and large papers or maps without either looking out of place.

Choose How to Attach Items

Our various wall mount maprails and other display panels from Best Rite include your choice of how you prefer to attach papers. The rail displays are designed to hold paper, posters, or maps without damaging them. You just slide them in and out of place as needed. Or you can choose a cork or tackboard strip that relies on pushpins or tape to attach papers. This lets you choose the display rail that uses the attachment method you prefer.

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