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Collaborative Furniture has become a popular standard in K-12 education, colleges and even corporate offices. Get your learning space up to speed with our extensive collection of collaborative desks, flexible seating and mobile tables that encourage teamwork in an educational environment.

Collaborative school desks are designed for group learning to study and work as teams on projects. Creating a round table discussion with the collaborative student desks are perfect for collaborative group learning. Create smaller circular pods or islands of student to have learning stations at a smaller scale. Create half circles of student desks with no gaps so all students are facing forward. No more unsightly clusters of open front desks!

What goes better with collaborative desk and tables than a mobile chair? Flexible seating is a must for desks and tables that are on the move and learning groove. Select a mobile chair to keep up with your learning pace, or find a unique wobble stool that further engages students. Allow teachers and instructors to participate easily with mobile seating that can roll from station to station as needed.

Show your group work on a mobile whiteboard with notes and brainstorming ideas. Portable dry erase boards are great collaborative furniture to get the lesson out and about! Collaborative whiteboards are available in a variety of surfaces and styles. Some collaboration boards such as the Nexus feature smaller tablet sized dry erase boards that can be distributed into small working groups and then later attached to the main board for a larger class review.

We feature top brands that offer extensive collaborative furniture products such as Virco, Smith System, Balt by Mooreco and Marco Group; all in a wide variety of color combinations.

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