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Active Seating

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  • Vinyl Floor Cushions (Set of 6)
    As low as $57.95
  • Rainbow Arch Soft Play Set
  • Butterfly Soft Seating Set
  • Balance Training Stability Ball
  • Rock'N Adjust Wobble Stool
  • Stability Balls with Stabilizing Sand
    As low as $15.95
  • Stability Balls
    As low as $13.95
  • Stability Ball with Standing Base
  • Active Ball Chairs
    As low as $81.95
  • Active Wiggle Cushions
    As low as $13.95
  • Zuma Rocker Chairs
    As low as $199.95
  • Hierarchy Flipz Stool
    Special Price $74.95 Regular Price $143.95
    Hierarchy Flipz Stool
  • MBob Floor Chair
  • Hierarchy Grow Adjustable Stool
    As low as $88.95
    Hierarchy Grow Adjustable Stool
  • Anti-microbial Floor Wobbler
  • Dot Soft Seating Flat & Wobble Stools
    As low as $193.95
  • 5 Pack Dot Soft Seating Wobble Floor Stools
  • Hokki Stools
    As low as $62.95
    Hokki Stools
  • The Ricochet Stool
    As low as $100.95
  • Xbrick Modular Block Stools
    As low as $155.95
  • Sonik Soft Seating Stools
    As low as $201.95
    Sonik Soft Seating Stools
  • Office PLUS Everyday Chairs
    As low as $240.95
  • Zuma Choose to Move C2M Chair (15'' H - 2nd-4th)
    As low as $221.95
  • Sage Choose to Move C2M Chairs
    As low as $224.95
  • Oodle Stools
    As low as $170.95
  • Dot Rocking Stools
    As low as $226.95
  • Sage Ready to Move R2M Mobile Task Chair
  • Zuma Ready to Move R2M Mobile Task Chair
  • Analogy Ready to Move R2M Mobile Task Chair
  • Active Sit-Stand Stool
  • Ergonomic Kneeling Stool
  • Sonik Petal Stool- 18'' H
    Special Price $216.95 Regular Price $220.95
    Sonik Petal Stool- 18'' H
  • Sonik Round Ottoman- 18'' H
    Special Price $598.95 Regular Price $607.95
    Sonik Round Ottoman- 18'' H
  • Runtz Swivel Ball Chair
  • Zenergy Swivel Ball Chair
  • Runtz Ball Chair
  • Sway Lounge Chair with Orbital Motion
  • Brody Sit-Stand Chair Adjustable Height
  • Glow Active Seating Stool- 13'' H
  • The Boody Active Soft Seating Stool
  • Height Stool
  • Silhoflex Jiggle Chairs
    As low as $226.95
  • Sage Padded Floor Rocker Chair 18'' Shell (5th- Adult)
  • Euroflex Floor Rocker Chair (7-1/2'' H)
  • Sonik Floor Rocker
    Special Price $123.95 Regular Price $125.95
    Sonik Floor Rocker
  • Campfire Flowform Soft Seating Set- 5 Soft Rockers + 1 Ottoman
  • Flowform Soft Rocker Seating
  • Disco Active Learning Stool 
    Special Price $167.95 Regular Price $181.95
    Disco Active Learning Stool 
Questions about the right active flexible seating chair size View this simple Seat Height Chart

Find the perfect active flexible seating chair for your classroom or office. These dynamic chairs offer a little extra movement for students that need help focusing or adults wanting to keep active during their desk-bound hours. Several active flexible seating designs are available from Virco Rocker chairs to VS America Hokki stools.

Schools are experimenting more and more with active flexible seating chairs as options within the classroom as studies find that students with less restricted movement often focus longer and have fewer behavioral issues.

For other non-traditional seating options, visit our Bean Bag Soft Seating or Wobble Stool sections for chairs popular in 21st Century Classroom designs.

Read more about active flexible seating chairs on our blog: Active Seating- Is it a Right Move for your Classroom

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