School Purchasing Cooperatives and Contracts

Worthington Direct™ is committed to providing the best service, quality and prices to all schools and school districts. The following educational cooperatives are those which we are approved vendors. Check below for our co-op contract numbers and contact us if you have any questions or would like Worthington Direct become a vendor for your cooperative.

Please call or email with any questions about purchasing through a cooperative.


Contract # 667-22

Members save 5% Off our regular pricing. If not already a member, becoming a member of the National Purchasing Cooperative, d/b/a National BuyBoard® or BuyBoard®, requires only a few simple steps – and membership is free!

TIPS, The Interlocal Purchasing System

Contract # 200301 Furniture, Furnishings and Services

Purchasing is a necessary activity for any business or organization. TIPS provide a proven process to eliminate purchasing related stress for governmental entities. Free to join.

PCA, Purchasing Cooperative of America

Contract # PCA OD-369-22 Furniture & Related Items

PCA is a national purchasing cooperative active in all 50 states, the U.S. Territories. There is no cost to join PCA or to use PCA contracts. Members work directly with vendors who have been awarded PCA contracts through a rigorous solicitation response and evaluation process, according to Texas purchasing and contracting statutes.

Goodbuy, Region 2

Contract #23-24-4S000 Furniture: Classroom/Library

Contract #22-23-4GC00 Furniture: Computer

Contract #23-24 4M000 Furniture: Office

Purchasing Program of the Education Service Center, Region 2. Formerly the Multi-Regional Purchasing Program.

Texas Region 3

Contract #02-223-20 Office Library & Instructional Furniture

Region 3 administers the Regional Purchasing Cooperative (RPC). The cooperative provides the benefits of lower costs for quality goods and services, reduced administrative burden and costs, option to purchase via the internet and from regional vendors, receive purchasing services that address the local needs and ensures compliance with federal and state purchasing statutes.

Texas Region 7

Contract #CLSF2426 Classroom Furniture & Supplies

Members receive 5% off regular priced items. Let Region 7 Purchasing Cooperative help your district's procurement process by providing 37 categories of items to be bid that meet the requirements of the Texas Education Agency Audit Division and the Attorney General's Anti-Trust Office.

Texas Region 18

Contract #R18-2024-02-000040

Membership in the Purchasing Cooperative allows Cooperative Members to make purchases from vendors listed on the Approved Vendor List without having to separately bid items. 

ESC Region 19 Allied States Cooperative

Contract # 24-7497 Furnishing Solutions and Related (Supplemental)

No fees are charged to members. As a member, your entity deals directly with the Worthington Direct for furniture needs. The savings for members are realized through dealing with vendors who have been evaluated and verified to provide a quality product or service at a competitively bid price in compliance with bidding requirements.

ESC Region 19 Allied States CooperativeESC Region 19 Allied States Cooperative

Region 20 Purchasing Cooperative

Contract #21027 General Supplies

The TEXAS 20 Purchasing Cooperative is a dynamic group offering procurement services for your school food service program. We use the collective buying power of our members securing the best price on a variety of items. We provide training, resources and exceptional customer service to assist you in managing your procurement process.

Please call or email with any questions about purchasing through a cooperative.

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