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Your art rooms, drafting classrooms, STEM fab lab and makerspaces require specialized furniture to provide the best environment for your art students. That's why we put together a large collection of art tables, makerspace tables, drafting stools and art storage furniture all in one place.

Art benches and art horses are a timeless classic for painting and drawing classes. For the more technology based creative arts and hackerspaces, you will find computer ready CAD drafting tables and animation tables; ideal for high school technical programs, fablabs and college art, architecture and engineering classes. Flat file paper storage drawers make easy work of storing oversized paper, architectural renderings, and fine art work.

Furnish CTE (Career and Technical Education) training programs with quality equipment to help students find a clear career path directly out of high school. Welding labs, electrical training, robotics and culinary arts are all thriving programs for students wanting skilled training to continue to build our nation's infrastructure. Space and furniture planning is important due to the nature of the equipment often required by CTE programs. Large, heavy equipment must be planned around from the beginning of the design process, as well as accommodated for when designing electrical and ventilation systems.

Younger students in youth art programs are also covered with our early childhood art room furniture that feature preschool art easels and drying racks. Once the student masterpieces are finished look for our paper storage racks and art displays to show off your finished art work. Find top art and drafting furniture from Diversified Woodcrafts, CEF, Haskelland Smith System.

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