Furniture Carts and Dollies

Furniture Carts and Dollies

Panel Carts and Panel Dollies

When it comes to moving furniture around your facility, sometimes you want to think outside of the box. Panel carts can be an excellent option for moving furniture, especially if you choose an option with a more open design.

While this gives you fewer places to secure items so that they don’t move around, it also increases the number of items that you can transport with it. Larger open spaces in your lumber carts make them more versatile. On top of that, even those with open spaces will still have rails for you to tie items to.

If you prefer, you can also choose panel trucks with dividers in them. These are particularly helpful if you are less concerned with moving furniture and more worried about transporting thin items.

Varying Sizes to Select From

Our panel truck options come in a variety of lengths, widths, and heights, as this helps you find one that works well for your facility. Think about the furniture that you will regularly have to transport with the dollies. Then, make sure that you choose at least one panel truck that is large enough for the biggest item.

Depending on how many types of furniture you need to move around, a single size of lumber carts may be enough. However, if you regularly transport much smaller items, you may want multiple carts of varying sizes.

Enjoy Sturdy Panel Carts

All of our panel trucks are incredibly sturdy. Most come from Raymond Products, a brand known for the durability of its dollies and parts. This sturdiness makes them versatile enough to use in schools, churches, offices, construction sites, and warehouses. The design of these carts and dollies means that you can count on them to handle the weight and bulk of your furniture or other items, so you just have to push instead of having to carry heavy items.

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