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Tablet & Laptop Storage Carts

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  • Wall-Mount or Desktop Tablet Charging Stations
  • Two Modular Charging Cabinets & Single Dolly Bundle
  • Three Modular Charging Cabinets & Single Dolly w/ Handle Bundle
  • Modular Charging Cabinet
  • Laptop and Tablet USB-C Charging Cart (30-Devices)
  • Moorepower Power Tower
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    Moorepower Power Tower
  • Laptop and Tablet Storage Cart
  • Tabletop Charging Station
  • 24-Hour Timer for Charging Cart
  • Diversified Spaces Mobile Laptop Recharging Station
  • The Duet Charging Cart
  • Tech Tub Premium
  • Tech Tub Base
  • Tech Tub2
  • Tech Tub2 for Large Adapters
  • Four Modular Charging Cabinets & Double Dolly w/ Handle Bundle
  • 16-Tablet & Chromebook Open Charging Cart
  • Laptop Computer Charging Stations
  • Tablet & Chromebook Charging Stations
  • KwikBoost EdgePower Charging System Bundles
Laptop and Tablet Storage carts have become essential in classrooms and computer labs. Most students are issued a school laptop and many teachers are issued tablets. These devices need power and occasionally they need to be synced with updates or new software. Beyond the classroom, many business and medical offices use charging carts and cabinets to keep employee issued devices charged and stored for easy deployment during a busy work day.

Develop a plan based on your technology needs and then find a tech cart that will help you implement your plan. For example, if your school uses Chromebooks, you may not need a sync feature as these are cloud-based computers. You simply need to find a cart that will hold the capacity you desire and will securely charge those devices.

One of the most important details you need to know is the size of your device, or the overall size of the device with its protective case. Look for bay or compartment dimensions to know if your device will fit within the storage cart's slots. Many laptop and tablet carts now feature adjustable dividers and shelves, so you have some leeway when it comes to the width and height.

Laptop and tablet storage carts come in a range of styles. Some are simply locking cabinets with built-in power strips, while others have more sophisticated charging duties based on your device's needs. If you are not sure which cart is best suited for your needs, contact us today to discuss all charging cart options. Complete your computer lab or eSports lounge with commercial grade Computer Tables, Gaming Chairs and Laptop Carts.

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