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Classroom Carpet Squares and Learning Carpet Squares

Classroom Carpet Squares and Learning Carpet Squares

No daycare or preschool is complete without a rug, especially given that kids play with most of their toys on the floor and need a soft surface. Carpet squares are a great alternative to traditional classroom rugs, and they offer the same great learning benefits.

This Type of Rug Delivers Versatility

Whether you choose rugs from Carpets for Kids, Flagship Carpets, Joy Carpets, or another brand, choosing carpet squares gives you incredible versatility.

You can put all squares together and use them as a typical preschool rug. You can use it to show your students the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, or whatever other design is on the rug. Use them to teach the kids and give them tasks to reinforce it, such as “go sit on the ___.”

When the squares are separated, the possibilities increase. You give your students the chance to participate actively in the learning. For example, you can have everyone grab a number and sit or stand, depending on whether it is odd or even.

You also get the versatility of being able to create rectangles of various sizes. If a single square is too small for one student to sit on, create 2x2 blocks of carpet squares.

They Teach Respect for Space

With the ability to divide up the kids’ rugs into squares, you also get the ability to teach kids to respect each other’s space. There’s the bonus of this making social distancing easy when it becomes necessary.

Choose What You Want to Teach

The range of classroom rugs means you can decide which skill or skills your students need to focus on. Various options from Carpets for Kids and other brands can help teach colors, shapes, numbers, letters, animals, and more. Some even give your preschoolers a head start on addition.
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