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  • Explorer Think Nook
    As low as $2,708.95
    Explorer Think Nook
  • Three Shelf, Double Sided Storage Unit w/ Clear Plastic Divider
  • Double Sided Mobile Bookshelf
  • 10500 Series Wood Laminate Bookcases
    As low as $448.95
  • Versa Library Bookcases
    As low as $452.95
  • Aura Mobile Double Sided Library Bookcases
    As low as $1,401.95
  • Aura Library Bookcases
    As low as $450.95
  • Keep It Organized Mobile Bookcases
    As low as $2,824.95
  • Plywood Bookcases
    As low as $321.95
  • 1870 Series Laminate Bookcases
    As low as $226.95
  • Open Shelf Storage Bookcases
    As low as $342.95
  • Contender Series Shelf Storage
    As low as $268.95
  • Mobile Adjustable Bookcases
    As low as $401.95
  • Birch Mobile Corner Storage Units
    As low as $455.95
  • Flowform Mobile Storage
    As low as $1,340.95
  • Open 30'' Stationary Shelf
  • Multi-Purpose Bookcase
  • Mobile Adjustable Bookcase with Lip (35-1/2'' H)
  • Small Bookcase w/ Fixed Shelves (11'' D x 28'' H)
  • Rainbow Accents Super-Sized Adjustable Bookcase
  • Nature View Tree Book Shelf
  • Whitney White Cubby & Shelf Cabinet
  • Contender Series Single Sided Book Display
  • Double Sided Book Display
  • Double Sided Jumbo Mobile Bookshelf
  • Medina 5-Shelf Bookcase
  • Mobile Bookcase w/5 Shelves (78'' H)
  • Metal Bookcase W/5 Shelves (36'' W X 18'' D X 72'' H)
  • Niche Soho Ladder Bookcase
  • Legacy Low Open Shelf Storage Cabinet - 30'' W x 20'' D x 20'' H
  • Bookcase doorkit.
  • Office bookcase with six shelves.
  • Brigade Metal Bookcases
    As low as $220.95
  • Rainbow Accents Bookcases
    As low as $402.95
  • Fortress Series Metal Bookcases
    As low as $243.95
  • TrueModern Bookcases
    As low as $501.95
  • Flip Flop Folding Bookcases by Regency
    As low as $138.95
  • Legacy Bookcases by Regency
    As low as $152.95 Regular Price $171.95
    Legacy Bookcases by Regency
  • Metal Bookcases
    As low as $250.95
  • Mobile Metal Bookcases
    As low as $398.95
  • Welded Bookcases
    As low as $186.95
  • Welded Storage Cabinet with File Drawer
    As low as $626.95
  • Versa Wood Laminate Mobile Library Bookcases
    As low as $1,573.95
  • Mobile Library Bookcase
    As low as $420.95
  • Multi-Purpose Bookshelf
    As low as $320.95
  • Nature View Acrylic Back Cabinets
    As low as $343.95
  • Shelf Cabinets
    As low as $351.95

Bookcases and Shelves and Mobile Bookcases

One of the first pieces of furniture you think of when you picture a library is the book cases. It is no secret that these are the most important pieces of storage furniture you will find in a library. But every facility has a different preference when it comes to library bookcases. This is especially true when you account for various building layouts and that some libraries are public while others are in schools. On top of that, libraries typically cater to all ages, so you need metal book cases of varying heights.

Something for Every Facility

No matter the specific needs of your facility, we have library bookcases that will meet them. Classic wooden bookcases are incredibly popular, including those with wood laminate for extra durability and an improved appearance. We also have metal book case options for those who want something even sturdier.

As mentioned, we have book cases of varying heights. Choose a shorter one for the children’s section and a taller one for adult areas. You will also notice plenty of heights and varying amounts of space between the shelves. Between the options from Hon, NDI Office Furniture, and other brands, you should be able to find one that has the dimensions that are right for your space.

Consider Options on Wheels

While most of our library bookcases can stay in one spot, we also have multiple options on wheels, such as those from Smith System. These are great for libraries with outreach programs or libraries in schools that frequently need to bring a selection of books to a classroom. These shelves are also useful for moving a large number of books around the library.

We also have mobile folding storage units that can serve as portable bookshelves. Because they fold, you can easily put special collections in them or not worry about books falling out while moving them.

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