ADA Science Tables

ADA Science Tables

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  • Adjustable Height Art Tables
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Accessibility with ADA-Compliant Science Tables

Science instructors understand the importance of providing inclusive learning environments where all students can actively participate. That's why Diversified's ADA Lab Workstations are the perfect solution for accommodating students of all abilities. These ADA-compliant science tables are specifically designed to ensure accessibility and comfort, promoting a seamless learning experience for every student.

Versatile Features for Practical and Safe Science Learning

Diversified's ADA Lab Workstations offer a range of versatile features that make them ideal for science classrooms. With the option of fixed height or adjustable height models, these tables cater to students in wheelchairs, ensuring they have equal access to the laboratory experience. The epoxy resin top provides durability and resistance to water, heat, and most chemicals, making it suitable for a variety of science experiments.

In addition, these science tables are equipped with hooks underneath the work surface, allowing students to keep their bags and equipment conveniently within reach. This practical feature promotes a tidy and organized workspace, ensuring a safe and efficient learning environment.

By choosing Diversified's ADA Lab Workstations, science instructors can create an inclusive classroom where every student can fully engage in hands-on scientific exploration. These tables not only meet ADA compliance standards but also offer the durability and functionality required for a productive science laboratory. Invest in ADA-compliant science tables from Diversified and provide your students with the optimal learning environment they deserve.

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