Tall Storage Cabinets

Tall Storage Cabinets

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  • Replay Tall Open Base Cabinets
    As low as $1,133.95
  • REplay Tall Modular Base Cabinets with Doors
    As low as $1,582.95
  • Counter Height Storage Cabinet - 36'' W x 18'' D x 42'' H
  • Birch Storage Cabinets
    As low as $844.95
    Birch Storage Cabinets
  • Three Adjustable Shelf Wardrobe Cabinet
  • Jumbo Storage Cabinet with Sliding Doors
  • Tall Storage Cabinets
    As low as $472.95
  • Combination Storage & Wardrobe Cabinets
    As low as $495.95
  • Varsity Classroom Storage System
    As low as $511.95
  • Laminate Office Storage Cabinets
    As low as $271.95
  • Compass Shelf Storage Cabinets
    As low as $406.95
  • DuraTough Series Storage Cabinets
    As low as $1,184.95
  • 800 Series Storage Cabinets
    As low as $410.95
  • 400 Series Tall Storage Cabinet w/ Solid Doors
    As low as $412.95
  • Deluxe Wardrobe Closet
    Special Price $1,295.95 Regular Price $1,376.95
    Deluxe Wardrobe Closet
  • Multi-Section Storage Unit
  • Hideaway Storage Cabinet
    Special Price $1,031.95 Regular Price $1,095.95
    Hideaway Storage Cabinet
  • Value Line Teacher's Storage Unit
  • Rainbow Accents Classroom Closet Storage Cabinet
    Special Price $1,072.95 Regular Price $1,138.95
    Rainbow Accents Classroom Closet Storage Cabinet
  • Wardrobe Cabinet
  • Tall Storage Cabinet w/ Drawers
  • Oak Wardrobe Cabinet
  • Welded Storage & Bookcase Combination Cabinet
  • Personal Wardrobe Laminate Cabinet
  • Callero Makerspace Silver Cart Set
  • 400 Series Tall Storage Cabinet w/ Safety View Door (36'' W x 18'' D x 72'' H)
  • Storage Cabinet
  • Janitorial Storage Cabinet
  • Steel Storage Cabinet- 72'' H
  • Storage Cabinet (36'' W X 18'' D X 72'' H)
  • Value Line Series Storage Cabinet w/ 4 Fixed Shelves (36'' W x 18'' D x 72'' H)
  • Classic Series Wardrobe Cabinet- 36'' x 24'' x 72''
  • Tall and Wide Storage Cabinet
  • Wooden Resource Cabinet (60'' W)
  • Hanging Bag Storage Cabinet
  • Teacher's Work Station Storage Cabinet
  • Teacher Wardrobe Storage Cabinet
  • Whitney White Tall and Wide Wall Cabinet
  • Takeover Storage Cabinet w/ One Fixed Shelf & Three Adjustable Shelves (36" W x 18" D x 66" H)
  • Takeover Storage Cabinet w/ Four Fixed Shelves (36" W x 18" D x 66" H)
  • REplay Tall Wardrobe Cabinet
  • Metal Cabinet Caster Base
    As low as $134.95
  • Brigade 800 Series Lateral File Storage Cabinet
    As low as $1,367.95
  • Brigade Steel Storage Cabinets
    As low as $731.95
  • Rough n Ready Plastic Resin Storage Cabinets
    As low as $453.95
  • Fortress Series Storage Cabinets
    As low as $501.95
  • Classic Series Combination Cabinet
    As low as $359.95
  • Elite Series Combination Cabinet
    As low as $354.95

Tall Wood Cabinets and Tall Metal Cabinets

Nearly every type of space could find a use for tall storage cabinets. Park districts, schools, offices, religious organizations, stores, and homes can always use more storage. Best of all, the designs of our wood storage cabinets are versatile enough to easily work in any of these spaces.

Maximize the Floor Space

By choosing tall wooden storage cabinets, you can make the most of the available floor space. This makes them especially useful in smaller spaces, such as tiny offices or storage rooms. Each of the metal storage cabinets only takes up a handful of square feet of floor space while giving you plenty of room for cleaning supplies, books, toys, clothes, or anything else. If you prefer, we also have counter-height storage cabinets.

Choose Your Material

As you browse our tall storage cabinets, you will notice that there are choices in either metal or wood. This lets you select whichever material you prefer. Both are durable and sturdy, so the main difference is their appearance. Consider wood storage cabinets if most of your other furniture is wood as well. You have choices from Hallowell, Wood Designs, and Diversified Woodcrafts. Go with metal if your other furniture is metal or another material.

Choose Your Style

Once you have chosen your ideal material, you can choose from various metal storage cabinets. Most of our cabinets feature two doors and interior shelves. Even with that style, you can decide how many shelves you want inside the cabinet and how much room each should have.

If you want something different, you can also choose wooden storage cabinets that combine shelves with other organization systems. For example, we have options from Sandusky Lee with a section for hanging clothes and options from Hon with drawers.

This is also the time to decide if you prefer a cabinet with solid doors or one with some glass on the doors that lets you see inside.

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