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Portable Stage Sets for Churches

Stage Sets and Portable Stage Sets

Churches have to keep a lot of furniture on hand, including stage sets for performances. Whether your church choir is performing, you have a church band playing, your Sunday school has performances, or you have a holiday play, a portable stage platform will come in handy. Because they are portable, you can use them inside in multi-purpose spaces or outside.

Consider Multi-level Stages

Many of our portable staging platforms feature either three or four levels. These are ideal for any performance with a large group where you want to ensure that everyone is visible. They are perfect for plays as well as group musical performances.

While you may get the most use out of these modular stage sets with your church choir, we also have options with wider platforms on each level. Those are great for church bands or orchestras, as well as plays or other performances.

Many of the options even have carpeted surfaces instead of the typical polypropylene.

Pie-shaped for Modular Use

The great thing about these modular stage sets from NPS, Amtab, and other brands is that they fit together well. This lets you use as many or as few of the platforms you want.

Or Get a Single-level Stage Set

While risers are useful, your church will also likely need a portable stage platform. These are ideal for smaller groups of performers, guest speakers, and more. You can even use them to turn a multi-purpose room or outside space into an area to give a sermon. After all, the stage sets will put the priest several feet above everyone else, making him easy to see.

Choosing one of our sets will give you everything you need for the portable staging platforms. That includes the stage or riser and guard rails for the back and skirting for single-level stages.
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