Wall-Mount Storage Cabinets

Wall-Mount Storage Cabinets

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  • Hospitality Series Modular Storage System
    As low as $400.95
  • Oak Wall Science Cabinets
    As low as $531.95
  • Maple Wall Science Cabinets
    As low as $564.95
  • Wall Organizer
  • Wall-Mounted Tool Storage Cabinet
  • 8-Tablet Wall Mount or Desktop Charging Station
  • Wall Mount Laminate Storage Cabinet
  • Whitney White Cubby Organizer Cabinet
  • Whitney White Workstation Cabinet
  • Whitney White Lockable Wall Cabinet
  • Lockable Wall Cabinet
  • Double Row Wall Mount Coat Rack
  • Medicine/ First Aid Wall Cabinet

Wall Mount Storage Cabinets and Wall Mount Cabinets

Adding wall-mount storage cabinets lets you get extra storage without taking up precious floor space. You can leave room to walk around or just have the versatility to place the wall storage above a desk, table, or something else that wouldn’t let you use a standing cabinet.

Multiple Uses Throughout Your Church

Because of their versatility, there are dozens of ways that you can use wall cabinets in your church. Place some in seating areas, whether by the office or close to the chapel. This will let you store extra items for visitors or the congregation in an area they can access.

Put a wall-hanging storage cabinet or two in the pastor’s office or the general office area. Add some to the classrooms or multi-purpose rooms to maximize the floor space but get storage.

Place some in the hallways to keep your fire extinguishers out of sight but easily accessible.

Various Styles

With the options from brands like Whitney Brothers, Wooden Mallet, Diversified, Safco Products, and more, there are designs that should work in any space.

Keep it simple with a small wall hanging storage cabinet. Or consider one that also serves as a charging station. Get one specifically designed to fit a fire extinguisher.

There are also wall-mount storage cabinets that come with multiple pieces. These feature cabinets that sit on the floor, complete with drawers, shelves, and a countertop. Then, they feature the wall-mounted portion that you hang a few feet above the other. This style is also versatile. Put them in the multi-purpose rooms you use to serve refreshments, in classrooms, and in the office.

If you have on-site daycare or classes for your congregation’s youngest members, consider a wall storage system with hooks for coats, as well as shelves for smaller items.

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