Tall Storage Cabinets

Tall Storage Cabinets

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  • Deluxe Wardrobe Closet
  • Hideaway Storage Cabinet
  • Welded Storage & Bookcase Combination Cabinet
  • Personal Wardrobe Laminate Cabinet
  • 400 Series Tall Storage Cabinet w/ Safety View Door (36'' W x 18'' D x 72'' H)
  • Storage Cabinet
  • Janitorial Storage Cabinet
  • Steel Storage Cabinet- 72'' H
  • Tall and Wide Storage Cabinet
  • Wooden Resource Cabinet (60'' W)
  • Metal Cabinet Caster Base
  • Brigade 800 Series Lateral File Storage Cabinet
  • Brigade Steel Storage Cabinets
  • Rough n Ready Plastic Resin Storage Cabinets
  • Fortress Series Storage Cabinets
  • Classic Series Combination Cabinet
  • Elite Series Combination Cabinet
  • Counter Height Storage Cabinet with Laminate Top
  • Home Storage Center
  • Magnum Metal Storage Cabinets
  • Metal Storage Cabinets
  • Cascade Tower Wardrobe
  • Rough n Ready Open Storage Shelf
  • Lipped Shelf Bookcases
  • Welded Storage Cabinet with File Drawer
  • General Storage Cabinet
  • Split Level Science Storage Cabinets
  • Split Level Storage Cabinet with Glass Doors

Tall Wood Cabinets and Tall Metal Cabinets

Churches regularly find themselves searching for additional storage space, whether that is for prayer books, paperwork, community donations, or something else. Tall storage cabinets are a great solution for this, as they are incredibly versatile and take up very little floor space.

Use Them Throughout the Church

Whether you choose tall metal or wood storage cabinets, you will find them to be incredibly useful. This means that you can easily buy several wide storage cabinets and place them in various parts of the church.

Put one by the chapel to store prayer books. Put one in the priest’s office, the church library, or the church classrooms to use as a bookshelf. Use one to store donations for your community food drive. Use another for arts and crafts for children to use while in childcare during services. Or store cleaning supplies in one.

The possibilities for large storage cabinets are limitless.

Styles for All

To make the wood storage cabinets even more versatile, we have varying styles to choose from. Start by deciding if you want a wood or metal cabinet. Then decide if you prefer tall storage cabinets, wide ones, or some combination. With options from Hallowell, Safco, Jonti-Craft, and other brands, we have nearly every combination of height, width, and depth.

From there, you can decide what type of organizational system you want to be inside your wide storage cabinet. Many have shelves of varying heights, but you can also choose a cabinet with a rack for hangers or drawers. Many even have a combination of these organizational features.

If you need your large storage cabinets to be mobile, we also have plenty of options on wheels. These are useful for storing books or other supplies that you may need in various parts of the church at different times.

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