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Letter Boards and Directory Boards

Letter Boards and Directory Boards

Broadcasting messages is a breeze with our letter boards and directory boards. You can use the boards to direct traffic, make facility-wide announcements, and so much more. Get the details to find out which of these boards you need for your church, office, or school.

Freestanding Letter Boards

You can greet employees, parishioners, and customers at the front door with one of our freestanding letter boards from Ghent. With a locking acrylic door, your message will be safe with this letter display board.

Many churches, schools, and offices use these as directory boards. People can quickly understand the facility’s layout and get room numbers with these boards. However, they can also be used as message boards to help you communicate with staff, customers, and congregants.

Mounted Letter Boards and Directory Boards

You can also choose a mounted letter display board to hang it up in a permanent location. We have one and two-door message boards from Ghent, and all options lock so you don’t have to worry about anyone changing your message. These boards are simple to mount and update, so they’re an asset to churches, schools, and other facilities.

Letter Number Sets

Our message boards include letters, numbers, and characters. Still, you might need extra, so consider picking up a letter and number set. Our gothic font style sets are available in different sizes, so you can get the look you want. You can also get storage trays to hold your letters, numbers, and characters if you wish. Then you can keep everything organized and secure.

Start shopping today so you can find the right board for your space. Once it arrives, you can quickly add your message and display it for others to see. Also, the boards are easy to update so that you can change your message frequently without any issues.

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