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Microphones and Rechargeable Battery by Oklahoma Sound

As Low As $117.95
MSRP $226.00 Save 48%
12 Volt Rechargeable Battery
Stock #96589 Model #PS12V
Wireless Handheld Microphone
Stock #96593 Model #LWM-5
Wireless Tie-Clip/Lavalier Microphone
Stock #96594 Model #LWM-6
Wireless Headset Microphone
Stock #96595 Model #LWM-7
Whether it's for your next Ted Talk, corporate presentation or motivational seminar, the Microphone Rechargeable Battery Accessory Line by Oklahoma Sound is designed to get you maximum productivity from your OK Sound lecterns and podiums Oklahoma Sound includes three wireless microphone options for easy speaking navigation such as the standard handheld, lavalier (lapel), and headset mic to accommodate different user preferences and presentation styles. These microphones are good up to 200 feet away giving your speaker the freedom to move and articulate while the dual channel frequencies ensure reduced interference for clear and crisp communication.

  • Designed for use with Oklahoma Sound Lecterns and Podiums
  • Choose between handheld, lavalier (lapel) headset wireless microphones or all three for maximum presentation flexibility
  • Microphones are good for up to 200 feet away from the podium base
  • Dual channel frequencies to minimize interference
  • Great for seminars, corporate presentations, tradeshows, and award ceremonies
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