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  • Marque Curved ADA Compliant Reception Station
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    Marque Curved ADA Compliant Reception Station
  • Ultra Premium Laminate Series L-Shaped Reception Desk w/ Frosted Glass Transaction Top
  • Modular Reception Desk System
  • Curved ADA Reception Desk
  • Corner Reception Desk
  • Borders PLB8 Reception Desk
  • Borders PLB5 Reception Desk
  • Borders PLB18 Reception Desk
  • Borders PLB15 Reception Desk
  • Borders PLB14 Reception Desk
  • Bow Front Reception Desks
  • Legacy Reception Desks
    Legacy Reception Desks
  • Reception Office Desk Suite
  • Reception Desk Suite w/ Storage
  • Reception Desk Suite w/ Storage
  • Borders Series Reception Desk
  • Borders Series Reception Desk
  • Reception L-Shaped Desk Suite
  • OS Laminate Reception Desk
  • Classic Series Reception Station
  • L-shaped reception desk with transaction shelf.
  • Reception desk with hanging pedestal files.
  • U-shaped reception workstation.
  • U-shaped reception desk with wraparound transaction top.
  • L-shaped reception desk with transaction shelf.
  • L-shaped reception desk with transaction shelf.
  • Multi-person reception workstation.
  • Bowfront Desk Workstation with Reception Counter
  • Marque Reception Desk with Plexi Panel (4-Unit)
  • Marque Reception Desk with Plexi Panel (3-Unit)
  • Marque Reception Desk  with Plexi Panel (2-Unit)
  • Marque Reception Desk with Plexi Panel (Single Unit)
  • Marque Reception Desk (4-Unit)
  • Marque Reception Desk (3-Unit)
  • Marque Reception Desk (2-Unit)
  • Marque Reception Desk (Single Unit)
  • Bow Front Desk with Reception Counter
  • Medina Reception Station
  • Acrylic Freestanding Barriers by OBEX

Reception Stations for Lobbies and Waiting Rooms

Worthington Direct helps your organization make a great first impression with visitors and customers by offering quality reception desks from several trusted manufacturers. Typically, the first point of contact visitors have with a business is at the lobby reception desk, so sourcing one that reflects your office’s image while invoking a welcoming environment will help set a positive tone for all future interactions.  

What is a reception station? 

An office receptionist station is a designated area within an organization that serves as the primary check-in or greeting area for guests, customers, patients, or clients. They are usually situated in lobbies, waiting rooms, or a building's entrance. 

While designs are driven by the function of the workplace, they often incorporate elements that invite approach and interaction. Many feature a standing height counter and a tall facade helping aid in interaction with clients, while allowing privacy to employees and their workspace.  They should provide receptionists or administrative staff a place where they can comfortably sit or stand while answering phones, handling guest inquiries, or providing general information. They can also be used as a concierge desk, information kiosk, or security station for checking in and documenting visits. 

Receptionists’ desks are also an optimum location to display company literature, important forms, and sign-in sheets.  

What type of reception desk do I need? 

There are different types of lobby desks so finding one that best fits your space is going to depend on several factors including the size of your reception area, the services your organization offers, workspace functionality, and your overall aesthetic preference. Often it’s a combination of two or more of these factors. 

Luckily for you, we make it easy to shop all reception furniture with Worthington Direct. We offer a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes to fit your needs. From traditional to U-Shaped, modular to bow-front, matching laminate to sleek glass, you’ll find inviting reception options that are on-brand with your organization. 

  • Traditional Desk: Timeless and suitable fora range of office environments, this classic option has universal appeal. Typically a solid structure from floor to countertop with an L-Shape or rectangular design, they feature drawers and filing compartments for front-desk organization. They often serving as the primary workspace for an office or school receptionist. 
  • Bow Front Desk: For a contemporary and stylish aesthetic, consider adding a desk with a curved or rounded front to your reception area. Featuring clean organic lines, these desks evoke a fashionable appeal that’s great for creative environments, hotels, hair salons, and modern office spaces. 
  • Modular Desk: Perfect for open concept office spaces, these desks consist of separate modules that can be reconfigured to fit the specific needs of your organization. Modular desks offer versatility and flexibility easily adapting to changing office layouts. Need to create two or more stations within your front-office area? With this option you can customize the size, layout, and grouping based on the function of different workstations. 
  • Standing-Height Desk: For active and dynamic workspaces with high-traffic areas a standing-height desk is a great option. They are ideal for areas that experience rapid customer interaction like a restaurant hostess station, coat and baggage check, or hotel concierge desks. They also encourage better posture and reduce sedentary behavior making them perfect for lobby environments that promote healthy lifestyles like gyms and workout facilities.

Regardless of the one you choose, you want to make sure your desk fits the footprint of your space. Accurate measurements will ensure you get a desk that doesn’t overwhelm the reception area or seems too small. Need assistance? Worthington Direct can help match your specs with the right desk for your space. 

What are the reception desk options for seated visitors and wheelchair users? 

We understand the importance of inclusivity and accessibility. That's why Worthington Direct's collection includes options that cater to seated visitors and wheelchair users. You can choose desks with appropriate heights, knee clearance, and additional features to accommodate individuals with different needs, promoting a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. Consider the below important features and factors when sourcing an ADA-compliant reception station.

  • Height: To accommodate clients and customers who use wheelchairs, your lobby desk should have a portion that is no higher than 36 inches from the floor. 
  • Knee Clearance: ADA-compliant receptionist stations have a knee clearance at least 27 inches high, 30 inches wide, and 19 inches deep to accommodate wheelchair access. 
  • Approach Area: A clear floor space that is at least 30 inches wide by 48 inches deep allows individuals to approach the desk directly. 
  • Countertop Surface: The desk's countertop should accommodate individuals with varying heights and abilities while providing a clear space for writing or signing documents.  

At Worthington Direct, our furniture experts can help you source an ADA-compliant check-in desk that adheres to the guidelines set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Browse our vast inventory today and discover the perfect piece to create a welcoming and efficient reception area. Don't forget to explore our comprehensive collection of reception furniture, shop all office reception desks, and consult our office desks buyer's guide for additional guidance. Worthington Direct is your trusted partner in creating exceptional office spaces.

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