Wardrobe & Teachers Storage Cabinets

Wardrobe & Teachers Storage Cabinets

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  • Modular Teacher Storage Cabinet System
    As low as $297.95
  • Work-Space Suites
    As low as $1,960.95
  • Work Suites with Sinks
    As low as $2,032.95
  • Uniform Storage Units
    As low as $798.95
  • Work Suite
    As low as $1,732.95
  • Work Desk Suite
    As low as $3,290.95
  • Deluxe Work Suite
    As low as $3,533.95
  • Classroom Work Suite II
    As low as $2,673.95
  • Classroom Work Suite I
    As low as $3,000.95
  • Classroom Work Suite III
    As low as $2,783.95
  • Whiffle Mobile Storage Carts
    As low as $870.95
  • Access Mobile Storage Cabinets
    As low as $427.95
  • Three Adjustable Shelf Wardrobe Cabinet
  • Teacher’s Wardrobe Cabinet w/ Top Shelf
  • Teacher’s Wardrobe Cabinet
  • Wardrobe Storage Cabinets
    As low as $423.95
  • Combination Storage & Wardrobe Cabinets
    As low as $495.95
  • DuraTough Series Storage Cabinets
    As low as $1,184.95
  • 800 Series Storage Cabinets
    As low as $410.95
  • Hideaway Storage Cabinet
    Special Price $1,031.95 Regular Price $1,095.95
    Hideaway Storage Cabinet
  • Wardrobe Cabinet
  • Oak Wardrobe Cabinet
  • Cascade Two-Sided Whiteboard Unit w/ Tote Trays
  • Personal Wardrobe Laminate Cabinet
  • 400 Series Combination Cabinet w/ Safety View Door (36'' W x 18'' D x 72'' H)
  • 400 Series Wardrobe Cabinet w/ Safety View Door (36'' W x 18'' D x 72'' H)
  • Wardrobe Cabinet
  • Mobile Wardrobe/Shelf Combo Storage Unit
  • Resi Collection Wardrobe Cabinet
  • Classic Series Wardrobe Cabinet- 36'' x 24'' x 72''
  • Wooden Resource Cabinet (60'' W)
  • Teacher's Lock-It-Up Cabinet
  • Teacher's Work Station Storage Cabinet
  • REplay Tall Wardrobe Cabinet
  • 400 Series Combination Cabinets w/ Solid Door
    As low as $437.95
  • 400 Series Wardrobe Cabinets w/ Solid Door
    As low as $360.95
  • Brigade 800 Series Lateral File Storage Cabinet
    As low as $1,367.95
  • Classic Series Combination Cabinet
    As low as $359.95
  • Elite Series Combination Cabinet
    As low as $354.95
  • Mobile Wardrobe Cabinet
    As low as $403.95
  • Cascade Tower Wardrobe
    As low as $1,524.95

Classroom Wardrobes and Teacher Storage Cabinets

No matter the space you need to keep organized, a teacher’s cabinet can be a great solution. While these are obviously good choices for schools based on their name, they can work anywhere. They are also good for offices, churches, daycares, community centers, and even homes. Anywhere that needs some extra storage will likely find a coat locker or other cabinet to fit their needs.

Think About What You Need to Store

To choose the right wardrobe cabinet for your space, start by thinking about what you need to store and where it will be.

Do you want to be able to hang up a coat or several? Make sure to choose from the combination storage cabinets with a coat rack inside. Do you need sturdy shelves to hold supplies? You’re in luck as most options feature at least several shelves, if not only shelves. Maybe you want some drawers for paperwork or to hold supplies that you don’t want on shelves. We have those as well.

This is also the time to think about whether you need to be able to see into the teacher cabinet. Options with glass on the doors are particularly helpful for first aid kits as well as communal supplies. If you have several combination storage cabinets next to each other, choosing ones with glass on the doors prevents the need to label the cabinets.

Or consider if you want a closet with a lock on it. This is especially good for storing personal items, valuables, or files with private information.

Look for the Extra Features You Need

You can choose a wardrobe cabinet with shelves, drawers, and/or racks for hangers. But you may also want other features like wheels to make the cabinet portable, a lock, or open cubbies that give you easier access. Between the options from Smith System, Sandusky Lee, and other brands, you have plenty of choices.

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