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3 Fun Fall Bulletin Board Ideas for Early Childhood Classrooms

The fall season is virtually upon us which means descending leaves, crisp air, and being surrounded by pumpkin spice everything.  Add display flair and décor for your classroom to help your students get into the full swing of the changing weather.  A solid bulletin board not only conveys classroom information but it can also create a warm and welcoming ambiance for the fall season. Here are several bulletin board ideas that can add a refreshing theme to your classroom: We're Nuts About Fall Board Looking to upgrade or replace a worn-out or torn bulletin board? Then the Wrapped Edge Fab-Tak Bulletin Board by Best-Rite is the board for you! Featuring a washable and tackable surface, this bulletin board panel allows you to turn a wall into a bulletin board area while being available in multiple sizes and colors.  It can be easily cleaned and turned to match the fall season by utilizing the "We're Nuts About Fall" conversion: Use brown construction paper for the ground and make a tree out of crumpled paper grocery bags. Add different multi-colored leaves, some falling to the ground. Print off a template of a squirrel for each child, let them color it and put their name on it. Place the squirrels with a few acorns under the tree and add the caption, "We're Nuts About Fall." Wrapped Edge Fab Tak Bulletin Board by Best-Rite Our Little Pumpkins Board If you're searching for a bulletin board with an eye-catching dark background, the ReTire Recycled Rubber Tackboard by Best-Rite keeps your students informed while accommodating Halloween and fall classroom themes.  Made from 100% recycled rubber, this board is moisture, chemical, and bacteria/mildew resistant as well as being washable.  This board is perfect for the "Our Little Pumpkins" design: Use brown construction paper for the ground and dark blue for the sky. Let the kids decorate orange construction paper pumpkins and add a picture of each child's face. Place at the bottom of the board for a pumpkin patch and add green construction paper leaves and green pipe cleaners for vines.
ReTire Recycled Rubber Tackboard by Best-Rite Best of the Bushel For more light fall colors, the Splash Cork Bulletin Board by Best-Rite keeps things interesting if you're looking for a fall harvest-type of set up.  Featuring a self-healing surface that is easy to clean, this board utilizes splash cork which means the rubberized binder has been tinted to provide added color and texture.  This makes it an excellent choice for the "Best of the Bushel" conversion: Make grass with green construction paper and a tree out of brown construction paper with branches and green leaves. Print off a template of an apple on red, green and yellow cardstock, one for each child in your classroom. Let them decorate them with either red, green, or yellow glitter to match their apple and googly eyes. Place some of the apples on the tree, a few falling from the tree, and a few on the ground with the caption, "Best of the Bushel." Splash Cork Bulletin Board by Best-Rite At the end of the day, you'll want a bulletin board that offers ample space, is easy to clean, and can be adapted for year-round classroom themes to keep your students engaged.  Therefore, we invite you to check out our complete line of Display Bulletin Boards and contact us to help you choose the best board to make your students spring into fall!  
October 25, 2018
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