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Collaboration for the 21st Century Classroom

Collaboration for the 21st Century Classroom

Collaboration and technology have become important components of the modern classroom. Teachers and administrators have had to learn to adapt to a rapidly changing world and adopt new techniques to keep their classrooms modern and effective.

Collaborative classroom furniture can help bring your school into the 21st century and provide students with an atmosphere that promotes learning and collaboration.

Apex Single Student Chevron Desk Classroom Set

A Collaborative Classroom

According to Cornell University, "Research shows that educational experiences that are active, social, contextual, engaging, and student-owned lead to deeper learning." Having classroom furniture designed for collaboration can help support teachers who want to see their students actively learning together while creating a stimulating educational environment.

Working in groups can help students gain confidence and improve psychological health as ResourcEd points out. Both psychological health and confidence in oneself are important qualities for learning, growing, and developing a student's readiness for higher education or the workforce.

A classroom that is set up for collaborative learning tends to encourage students to work together and promote active learning. Using furniture that is designed for collaborative learning is the perfect start to creating a modern, engaging classroom.

Collaborative Furniture

There are various options for collaborative student desks, tables, and chairs. Desk sets by Smith System are both functional and modern. Whether working with small groups, partners, or setting up for large group activities, there is a desk out there for every need.

For small groups, desks can be set up in pairs or for groups of three or four students. The desks fit snugly together offering students a workspace that promotes collaboration while giving each student their own space to work. Desks come in different shapes to fit every need while offering different color options.

For larger groups, the Huddle Desk system offers trapezoid-shaped desks that can be set up in groups of six or eight. These desks also offer the benefit of being able to break down into smaller groups when needed. Their versatility is an asset to the classroom allowing teachers to organize students into large groups, small groups, or to have them work individually.

Huddle Desk by Smith System

Working Together

Collaborative learning is the way of the future. Schools and teachers can prepare their students for an ever-changing, competitive, global economy by embracing collaborative learning in their classrooms. If you're ready to explore the world of collaborative furniture contact us today!

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