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Fun and Functional Back-to-School Bulletin Board Ideas

As we start another school year, one ongoing task that is forever paramount is how to make students feel welcome.  Whether it's veteran students coming back into the academic grind from the relaxing summer break to the new kids on the block who feel a little apprehensive about starting at a new school, finding a way to help everyone settle in makes the transition easier.  Utilizing bulletin boards is an excellent way to break the ice as well as helping students feel welcome and excited about starting the new school year. Here are several ideas that can help make the transition easier: Creative Decorations Create name cards so that every student who enters your classroom feels a sense of belonging and makes the introduction process smoother.  Name cards are a great opportunity for students to learn names and get to know each other with activities that teach communication and collaboration.  The Fab-Tek Bulletin Board by Best-Rite features a tackable surface, available in standard or Hook-n-Loop Velcro compatible fabric, and is completely washable.  Fab-tek Bulletin Board by Best-Rite Group Activity Organizer Since teacher's can't be everywhere at once, it's important to make it known to your students the bulletin board serves as a daily resource for assignment information, school &  class announcements/reminders, and last-minute changes to action items, sort of like a visual syllabus.  For this you'll want a bulletin board that is eye-catching with ample surface space.  The Recycled Rubber Bulletin Board w/Wood Frame by Ghent creates a centralized location for student information.  Available in multiple sizes, it features a self-healing tack surface which resists staining and fading along with 90% recycled rubber making it Earth friendly. Recycled Rubber Bulletin Board w/Wood Frame by GhentrAuxiliary Board If you already have a bulletin board but need extra space for reminders and activities, investing in an auxiliary bulletin board allows you to better utilize your visual resources.  Use an auxiliary bulletin board as a static reminder for ongoing things such as student birthdays, exam and event countdowns, and classroom job duties for each student.  The Sentinel AM Anti-Microbial Tackboard by Best-Rite features the classic tackboard cork color but incorporates an anti-microbial surface which helps reduce the chance of spreading classroom germs.Sentinel AM Antimicrobial Tackboard by Best-Rite Bulletin boards are an integral component in an enriching classroom.  We are here to help you maximize your visual aids so don't hesitate contact us and we are more than happy to help you pick out the right Bulletin Board to ensure your students have the most productive school year!
September 10, 2018
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