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Graduation Ceremony Furniture That Pulls Double-Duty During the School Year

Graduation Ceremony Furniture That Pulls Double-Duty During the School Year

Schools are looking for ways to save money. At the same time, administrators recognize the importance of celebrating achievements, SLOs, and excellent faculty members. Therefore, we have curated a collection of high-quality graduation furniture that can also be used during the school year for a wide variety of special events and functions.

Stage Sets for Graduation Ceremonies

The culminating event of any graduation ceremony is when the individual students make the walk across the stage to receive their diplomas. The stage is where photo opportunities take place.

Platform Set 12-Stage (24" H) by National Public Seating

National Public Seating stage platform sets let you customize the size of your setup. Choose a standard 8' x 16' or larger 20' x 16' stage that can go as high as 32". Because these stages are put together with 4' x 8' stage units, you can later decide to break up the structure for other events such as spelling bees, theater productions, or band concerts.

Black skirting and the option of carpeting in your desired color add a touch of class. For safety, the two mobile step units feature handrails. There are also rails for the back and sides.

Complete Stage Set- 8' x 16' x 8" H by Caprock Furniture

When you know that you will not need a larger stage, consider the Caprock stage set. It accommodates an overall stage platform that is 8' x 16', which consists of four interlocking 4' x 8' units. Black skirting for the front and black carpeting for the top are part of the setup. 

This stage set comes with one set of steps that also have handrails. What sets apart this manufacturer from others is the choice of heights you might have. Sets may be 8", 16", 24", or 32" high.

Lecterns and Microphones Add Elegance and Functionality to the Commencement Address

If you are looking for a lectern that focuses on the school's forward-looking curriculum, consider acrylic lecterns by Oklahoma Sound. Made of plexiglass and weighing only 61 pounds, this furniture is easy to move to other events such as fundraisers and back-to-school nights.

Rectangular Clear Acrylic Lectern with Shelf by Oklahoma Sound

When you prefer a more traditional style lectern that includes the microphone, consider the Aristocrat model that comes with a mahogany or medium oak finish. This lectern comes with an amplifier and microphone system that is suitable for addressing audiences of up to 2,500 attendees.

Comfortable Seating for Parents, Graduates, and Guests

Rows and rows of chairs line the areas in front of the podium. Proud parents look on as their children graduate. However, there is no reason that these chairs could not be suitable for other events, too. Think of fundraisers, recitals, sports events, and bands.

National Public Seating offers folding chairs with fabric backs and seats. Choose a color that is in keeping with your school's palette. Each chair has a 480-pound weight capacity and focus on stability. The company's fan back polyfold school folding chair focuses on saving space through stacking when not in use. You can stack these elegant chairs up to 26 high.

Fan Back Polyfold Folding Chair by National Public Seating

Worthington Direct has many more options for graduation and school furniture for large and small schools. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

May 14, 2021
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