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When Should You Get Screenflex Partitions?

Learning environments continuously change for many reasons which includes evolving teaching methods, budgetary constraints,and last-minute lesson plan changes.  In addition, space separation is needed for medical emergency triage, voting and tradeshow check-in & registration management, as well as factory or building workflow streamlining.  Having organizational tools that can be quickly transported, deployed, and adapted such as the Screenflex Partition is an invaluable tool to meet the constant changes in classrooms and business environments.  But how do you know if you need one? Here are several reasons to consider investing in a Screenflex Partition: Learning Environment Utility Did your school recently switch back to traditional class scheduling and you need to maximize classroom space?  A Screenflex Partition effectively bisects a classroom allowing simultaneous teaching of multiple subjects thus keeping the 50-minute class rotation between students efficient.  It's also perfect for splitting up a classroom for study hall, tutoring station, or a back staging area for prepping presentations and deliverables.  The Freestanding Portable Partition by Screenflex offers a durable, adaptive, and practical solution for hotels that need quick area set ups, office training areas, and learning environments that need to accommodate different student needs. Freestanding Portable Partition by Screenflex Other situations might call for a partition in an environment that isn't necessarily academic.  It's not uncommon for a business to have separation of work spaces such as a manufacturing facility with a welding area or sections with new, pending, and finished goods.  Other companies and government agencies might utilize partitions to maintain absolute secrecy from wandering eyes such as experimental prototypes and testing areas.   The Portable Welding Screens by Screenflex provides several partition solution sizes and heights which can accommodate a wide variety of production floors and welding areas. Portable Welding Screens by Screenflex   With healthcare changing rapidly, a quick-deploy partition for your hospital, emergency services organization, or clinic is critical to ensure the process of medical treatment is smooth and consistent.  Partitions used in this industry not only offer privacy protection and space separation, the materials used are designed to inhibit the growth of infection-causing microorganisms such as bacteria and mildew.  The Healthflex Privacy Screen by Screenflex features a durable galvanized steel frame for rigidity, vinyl panels that inhibit microbe growth, and also passes the ASTM D-1308 certification for excellent stain resistance. Healthflex Privacy Screen by Screenflex As the old saying goes, "There's something for everyone", which means these partitions are designed to accommodate a wide variety of situations, ranging from academic, to industrial, to corporate applications.  In addition, every environment is different which is why we invite you to check out our large selection of Screenflex Partitions and allow us the opportunity to help you choose the best solution!
May 4, 2018
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May 14, 2018
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