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Your Conference Room Purpose Determines Conference Room Furniture

Many people overlook the importance of conference room layouts. The layout of your conference room can affect positive participation, listening habits and even learning potential. Here are 3 examples of how conference room furniture and layout can enhance your performance.
  • Boardroom: Executive meetings and committee meetings should have a boardroom setup. The conference table should be in the center of the room with chairs circled around. This engages the attendees to speak with one another comfortably. Square and rectangular tables tend to work well in these situations. NDI's Boat Shape Conference Table is an excellent boardroom table for any office space. Choose from two base styles and several top sizes.


  • Training: If a conference room is used for training purposes, the setup is crucial. You want the employees to be comfortable throughout the entire time. Accomplish this with chairs that allow people to adjust the height and back manually, such as the Ignition Executive Mid-back Chair by Hon. This executive mid-back chair features several manual adjustments and chair functions to support widely diverse body types and job functions. This chair is designed to provide comfortable support to those who spend more than half the day at their desk or computer. Select conference tables that give plenty of space for each attendant to take notes, use laptops or receive handouts.

  • Discussion Groups: Participation is crucial to make discussion groups a success. Your room layout can greatly dictate this. You do not want bulky furniture that can't be rearranged. Choose rectangular tables that are easy to move around and connect to make a U-shape. This shape allows all attendants to see one another and engage in conversations. The Inquire Breakaway Conference Tables by KI, for example, are perfect for collaboration. With breakaway capabilities and several rectangular or half round sizes available, you are able to create unique conference table configurations that cater to the needs of the project. Multiple smaller tables are a good idea with smaller groups.


  • Presentations: During presentations chairs are the most important aspect. You want chairs with simplicity. You want the audience to focus on the speaker, not messing with the chair functions. Find a chair that is made of comfortable fabric, but does not have adjustments such as Hon's Purpose Mid-back Flexing Task Chair. This mid back task chair is engineered to ergonomically support you as you shift and move, without the use of complex manual adjustments. It features innovative Purpose technology for a personal fit. It is important to consider conference room furniture and setup before hosting an event, training or meeting. Think of your participants and their needs to be successful. To learn more on conference furniture options, contact us.
January 7, 2016
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