Bright Beginnings Dramatic and Block Play

Bright Beginnings Dramatic and Block Play

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  • Children's Kitchen Refrigerator w/ Integrated Storage
  • Children's Kitchen Stove w/ Integrated Storage
  • Kids Washing Machine w/ Integrated Storage
  • Children's Kitchen Cabinet with Microwave
  • Wooden Puppet Theater
  • Children's Kitchen Sink w/ Integrated Storage
  • Kids Two Shelf Kitchen Cabinet
  • Kids Two Tier Corner Kitchen Cabinet

Bright Beginnings: Dramatic and Block Play

Encourage boundless imaginations and impart essential life skills to children with Bright Beginnings' Dramatic and Block Play products. These sturdy props are designed for commercial use and are perfect for sparking children's imaginative play. Highly favored by daycare centers and preschools, Bright Beginnings kitchen sets make learning about cooking enjoyable for kids. Specifically designed for younger students, each kitchen appliance features realistic details and provides endless opportunities for fun!

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