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  • Flat File Stackable 5 Drawer Cabinets
    As low as $1,299.95
    Flat File Stackable 5 Drawer Cabinets
  • Flat File Stackable 5 Drawer Cabinet Only ( Oak )
    Special Price $1,299.95 Regular Price $1,338.95
    Flat File Stackable 5 Drawer Cabinet Only ( Oak )
  • Two-Station CPU Drafting Table
  • Hand Sanitizer Stands & Holders
    As low as $58.95
  • Adjustable Height ChemGuard Top Metal Frame Science Tables
    As low as $612.95
  • Mobile Balance Storage Cabinet
  • Laminate Top Metal Frame Science Tables
    As low as $519.95
  • Tote Tray Storage Cabinet (48 Totes)
    Special Price $3,108.95 Regular Price $3,409.95
    Tote Tray Storage Cabinet (48 Totes)
  • Rod Clamp (3/4'' x 3/4'')
  • Layout Work Table
    As low as $796.95
  • Intermix Storage Cabinet Mobile Workstations
    As low as $1,460.95
  • Art Planning Table w/ Tote Trays
    As low as $1,186.95
  • Mobile Demonstration Science Tables
    As low as $633.95
  • Clay Wedging Table
  • Four-Station Workbench w/ Cabinet
    As low as $3,106.95
  • Acumen Poly Stool (18" - 23''H)
  • Laminate Adjustable Wooden Leg Science Tables
    As low as $983.95
  • Extra-Large Art & Planning Tables
    As low as $1,093.95
  • Mobile Microscope Charging Cabinet
  • ChemGuard Adjustable Wooden Leg Science Tables
    As low as $1,038.95
  • Forward Vision 1 Workstations
    As low as $4,003.95
  • Double Door Locker w/ Adjustable Shelf (36'' W x 21'' D x 31'' H)
  • Oak Base Cabinet Casework
    As low as $606.95
  • Sheet Metal Bench
    As low as $2,378.95
  • Instructor's Lecterns
    As low as $616.95
  • Epoxy Resin Science Lab Tables
    As low as $754.95
  • Oil Waste Can
    As low as $207.95
  • Adjustable Height Art Tables
    As low as $1,281.95
  • Cold Water Gooseneck Faucet
  • All-Purpose Storage Cabinet
    As low as $3,223.95
  • ChemGuard Maple Science Lab Tables
    As low as $455.95 Regular Price $499.95
    ChemGuard Maple Science Lab Tables
  • Safety Glasses
  • Perimeter Lab Workstations
    As low as $3,867.95
  • Lumber and Plywood Storage Rack
  • Upright Rod (3/4'' x 36'')
  • Medical Treatment Bench
  • Chrome Hand Pump
  • ADA Instructor’s Science Desk
    As low as $3,733.95
  • Acumen Poly Stool (12'' - 32''H)
  • Robotics Vise
  • Mobile instructor Helm Desk with ChemGuard Top (84" x 30")
  • Rubber Mold for Base Cabinets (Sold by the foot)
  • VEX U Robotics Workbench & Storage Cabinet
    As low as $2,178.95
  • Drawer Base Drafting Tables
    As low as $1,494.95
  • Wall School Science Lab Service Benches
    As low as $4,187.95
  • Test Divider (Set of 3)
  • Adjustable-Height Split-Top Drafting Tables
    As low as $1,578.95
  • Portable Drafting Table

Diversified Spaces

Diversified Spaces is a name easily recognizable in the school furniture industry. Worthington Direct is proud to be an authorized dealer for Diversified Spaces and the formally separate brand, Shain Solutions. You can find their science, art studio, and career preparation furniture products in just about every school in the country. Diversified is associated with industry names such as SEFA 8, ACTE, and NSTA to manufacture quality and innovative scientific, art, and other products for today’s students. All Diversified products come with a limited lifetime warranty. Known for their quality and craftsmanship in science laboratory and art room furniture, Diversified has everything you need to outfit your lab, studio, or science classroom.

Choose from a budget-friendly laminate science lab table that is ideal for biology and physics classes that do not involve chemicals. More advanced lab table surfaces are available from Diversified Spaces such as ChemGuard, Epoxy Resin, and Phenolic Resin. These surfaces are found on many other Diversified casework and demo stations and can be used in upper-level science and even professional labs. Read more about which science table is right for your laboratory or classroom on our Science Table Buyer's Guide.

Gather your whole lab group around one of many mobile labs from Diversified. These portable demonstration stations often feature sinks, rods to hold observation mirrors, and lower storage for all of your science gear and equipment. ADA compliant Diversified science labs are also available to make sure your laboratory is accessible to all. Create a permanent science lab layout with a Diversified science workstation that provides ample room for students and instructors to gather and learn. The popular Forward Vision Workstation with an epoxy resin top is our top-selling science workstation and is praised by science teachers across the U.S.

You can also get all your classroom and studio storage needs at Worthington Direct with Diversified’s expansive options including the Split Level Storage Cabinet or the Mobile Balance Storage Cabinet for when being mobile is a necessity. Diversified Spaces science lab safety stations such as the Mobile Fume Hood Station and Eye Wash Station keep your students safe and help meet safety requirements.

Formerly under the brand name Shain Solutions, Diversified Spaces merged their manufacturing facilities and now produce everything you need to outfit an art classroom. Provide your art students with an array of creative support in the way of art tables, flat files, art supply storage, drafting tables, and even culinary arts equipment. Diversified art tables range from simple arts and crafts planning tables to heavy-duty workbenches outfitted with vises and specialized platforms for woodworking supplies and equipment.

Diversified Spaces is committed to providing educational furniture products for all career preparation classes and courses. Culinary arts, arts and design, robotics, and agricultural programs all use Diversified Spaces furniture products to support the growth of these fields. Diversified Spaces worked with VEX Robotics to help develop workbenches and specialized robotics storage cabinets as STEM and robotics programs grow rapidly throughout the United States.

Science classrooms, art studio rooms, and laboratories are big investments, and we at Worthington Direct have years of experience placing Diversified Spaces products in schools and labs, just like yours. Contact us today for volume quotes and advice on Diversified Spaces furniture products.

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