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Executive Wood Products

The last thing school administrators, teachers and parents want to think about is a gunman on campus. But in modern times we find our students and staff needing additional protection in the classroom and on campus grounds. Executive Wood Products have developed anti-ballistic tactical panels to help keep our kids and educators safe.

Executive Wood Products launched a new anti-ballistic product designed specifically for use in schools. The safety panels are completely mobile with NIJ III armor and best of all they do not look anti-ballistic. They serve functional classroom needs with a tackable surface for papers and posters on one side and a white board with marker rail on the other. They are a useful, practical classroom tool that can stop an AK47, AR15, and a wide variety of other weapons.

Executive Wood Product's trademarked Tactical Scholar™ allow people to hid behind the panel during an active shooting. The shooter will believe he can shoot through the panel and will waste his ammo with success and buy time for first responders, or in-house guards, to arrive. Additionally, Executive Wood panels, whether used in hallways or classrooms, create an environment which confuses the shooter and causes him to withdraw or change tactics. For the shooter, unexpected protection, and failure are unsettling. Use these products along with hallway security gates to keep your campus safe.

Worthington Direct is an authorized dealer for all Executive Wood Products. Contact us for volume quotes and for more information about these and all other Executive Wood Products.

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