Haskell Education Classroom Chairs

Haskell Education Classroom Chairs

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  • 360 Series Chair w/ Bookbag Rack
    As low as $212.95
    360 Series Chair w/ Bookbag Rack
  • Ethos Mobile Tablet Chairs
    As low as $404.95
    Ethos Mobile Tablet Chairs
  • 360 Series 3-Leg Chair w/ Glides
    360 Series 3-Leg Chair w/ Glides
  • 360 Series Chair w/ Footrest
    As low as $192.95
    360 Series Chair w/ Footrest
  • Ethos Mobile Chair
    Ethos Mobile Chair

Haskell Education Classroom Chairs

Transform your learning and working spaces with Haskell Education's innovative seating solutions. The Ethos Mobile Chair seamlessly transitions between lectures and collaborative activities, adapting to your curriculum needs. The 360 Series 3-Leg Chair by Haskell, designed for simplicity and comfort, offers multiple posture options and includes an integrated handle grip for easy mobility. Ideal for upper elementary through university levels and corporate environments, these chairs provide dynamic, flexible seating that enhances every experience. Embrace the perfect blend of functionality and comfort with Haskell Education, and create inspiring spaces that adapt to any scenario.

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