KI Plastic Stacking Chairs

KI Plastic Stacking Chairs

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  • Maestro Stack Chair
  • Intellect Wave Music Chair - 19" H
  • LimeLite Stack Chairs
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  • Strive Stack Chair
  • Intellect Wave Music Chair - 16.5" H
  • Intellect Wave Mobile 4-Leg Chair
    As low as $134.95

KI Plastic Stacking Chairs

KI excels in creating plastic stacking chairs with timeless design, enhanced comfort, and durability, ideal for classrooms, conference rooms, and more. Their seating options range in design and price, reflecting KI's commitment to comfort, value, and style.

KI's chairs include static back and flexing/articulating back options that promote movement and circulation for unparalleled comfort. The 4-leg chairs offer a clean look with finishes in powdercoat, polished aluminum, or chrome, all adhering to advanced environmental standards with zero-waste chrome plating.

For multi-purpose spaces like lecture halls or cafés, KI provides versatile chair styles, including flex-back, mesh, lightweight, and upholstered options. Mobile nesting chairs are perfect for dynamic environments like offices and conference rooms, offering spontaneous seating solutions. KI’s 4-leg chairs with casters enable easy mobility, promoting engaged collaboration. With various styles and prices, KI ensures everyone can benefit from their innovative seating solutions.

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