Linea Italia Reception Desks

Linea Italia Reception Desks

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  • Curved ADA Reception Desk
  • Modular Reception Desk System
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  • Corner Reception Desk

Linea Italia Reception Desks

Make a lasting impression with a quality reception desk from Linea Italia, designed to meet diverse needs and preferences. Linea Italia desks feature tall counters, ensuring efficient check-ins without intruding into the receptionist's space. Available in curved, L-shaped, and U-shaped designs, these desks boast sturdy construction from reputable manufacturers. Standing-height counters come in different configurations to suit workspaces, with options for laminate, glass, or acrylic materials. Positioned at the front of offices, Linea Italia desks offer the first impression of a company, facilitating client interaction while maintaining employee privacy. They also serve as information hubs and security stations, enhancing any lobby or corporate foyer. Let Linea Italia help you create a memorable first impression.

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