Luxor Accessories

Luxor Accessories

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  • 4 Clear Large Bins For Mobile Storage Unit
  • Modular Charging System Single Dolly
  • KwikBoost EdgePower - Metal AV Cart Attachment Bracket
  • Rubber Feet Set for Modular Charging Cabinet (Set of 4)
  • KwikBoost EdgePower - Rechargeable Battery
  • Modular Charging System Single Dolly Connection Bracket
  • 8 Clear Small Bins For Mobile Storage Unit
  • Modular Charging System Dolly Handle
  • 8 Small Bin Package
  • Modular Charging Cabinet Wall Mount Bracket
  • KwikBoost EdgePower - Plastic Utility Cart Attachment Bracket
  • Optional Locking Cabinet Pack
  • 4 Large Bin Package
  • Modular Charging System Double Dolly

Luxor Workspaces Accessories

Unlock the full potential of Luxor Workspaces furniture with their lineup of accessories! From handy brackets to convenient dollies, practical plastic bins to versatile levelers, Luxor accessories are here to supercharge any workspace experience.

Dive into a world of endless possibilities as users mix and match these add-ons to suit their unique needs. Whether they're looking to organize, customize, or optimize, Luxor accessories are the ticket to a more functional and enjoyable workspace. Let Luxor accessories be the guide to turning any ordinary setup into an extraordinary one!

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