Luxor Mobile Boards & Reversible Boards

Luxor Mobile Boards & Reversible Boards

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  • Collaboration Station Mobile Whiteboard by Luxor
  • Double-Sided Mobile Magnetic Glass Marker Boards
    As low as $483.95
  • Classroom Chart Stand with Storage Bins
  • 3-Panel Mobile Magnetic Whiteboard Room Divider
  • Reversible Dry Erase Board
    As low as $182.95
  • Mobile Whiteboard Room Divider

Luxor Mobile Boards & Reversible Boards

Luxor Workspaces recognizes the enduring value of the classic whiteboard for ideation, instruction, collaboration, and LEAN initiatives. Yet, innovation drives them forward. Within their exceptional range of specialty whiteboard products, including Luxor mobile boards and reversible boards, they infuse smart features to elevate functionality.

From the groundbreaking collaboration station to the dual-function whiteboard room dividers and the combination classroom whiteboards, storage bin units, and chart stands, Luxor Workspaces crafts solutions that empower productivity and streamline workflow.

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