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Soft Seating Furniture

Soft Seating Furniture

Reception and commons are often present in places like offices, businesses, libraries, and schools. These areas are for gathering guests who have important matters to attend to in the particular venue. The look and functionality of your reception or commons deserve proper attention. That is why choosing the right type of soft seating is important.

Sparks a Good Impression

This is the most lasting memory your guests will have upon their arrival. The décor, reception desk, and chairs will make the most impact. The one thing the guests will interact with the most is the seating. Incorporating soft seating furniture can help you gain high points.

Placing a kids’ lounger bean bag in various areas of the reception and commons can make the space more inviting. Tired guests always look for a place to rest their body. This bean bag can fit an adult or up to three kids. It is ultra-soft with brightly colored covers. Commercial soft seating like this will help you gain good reviews.

Provides Comfort and Aesthetic Value

Giving the kids soft seating can help them form fun and relaxing memories. Adults can also use these soft chairs while waiting. Choosing to sit on the floor will call for floor pillows. ECR4Kids came up with this type of floor seating for reading, playing, or resting. These are colorful, 17-inch soft pillows some guests can use for meditating as well.

Mooreco has dot rocking stools. These soft chairs rock back to front or side to side. They are ideal for children who want to read. The micro-movements help enhance their concentration. Adults can also use these attractive seats if they are getting ready for a presentation.

You Have the Power to Comfort and Entertain

The most unforgettable way to accept guests is to make sure they are comfortable and well-entertained. Providing them with soft seating can relax them. Turning on the TV or giving them some reading materials can also soothe them while waiting. The right seating can leave your guests receptive to the good things in your reception and commons.

The Marco Group manufactures classroom desks, student stack chairs, activity tables and band storage cabinets for the office, school, and university markets. As a family run operation, Marco prides itself on maintaining a family-like atmosphere in their operation. Many of their employees have been with Marco since they began business over 20 years ago. Marco is also involved in their community and helps to contribute to city sports programs, local charities, and their local community college.

Committed to becoming a one-stop source for all educational furnishings, Marco Group, produces a range of school furniture products from traditional classroom adjustable tables and stack chairs to the latest in collaborative learning furniture. Select from several versatile student desks that can be grouped for collaborative work and as individual student desks. Marco Group collaborative desks are built for everyday use in busy and fluid classrooms. Look for affordable MG activity tables and chairs in traditional colors, and premium Apex chairs and desks lines in designer colors and dry erase whiteboard table tops from Marco Group. Both series are available in whole classroom packages to save you additional money and cut shopping time for school furniture in half.

Looking for flexible seating ideas for your classroom, library or office? Then shop Marco Group’s soft seating section for a selection of extremely well made Sonik soft seating pieces. Made in the USA, Marco Group’s Sonik soft seating feature ¾” plywood frames, polyether foam padding and stitched vinyl in a variety of colors. Choose from Step Soft Seating for auditorium style seating, to Sonik wobble stools and soft seating table and ottoman packaged sets.

Sonik floor rockers and low height Premier floor tables from Marco are the latest addition to their educational furniture line. These lowered seating arrangements help facilitate social and emotional learning (SEL) by providing a familiar, home-like coffee table gathering place. Alternatively, there are Marco Group stand-up desks and classroom stools for students to reach new heights and keep energy levels focused.

Marco Group's teacher and band room storage line features steel tubing spanning the length of top and bottom shelves, front and back, that will allow the Band-Stor Music Instrument storage cabinets to handle heavier loads without bowing or collapse. European style hinges complete Marco's durable and versatile cabinet system. All edges are covered with 3mm PVC edgebanding. Inside the Tall Storage Cabinets are multiple adjustable shelves to accommodate many different uses from the classroom, administration office, to the band hall.

Worthington Direct is a proud authorized dealer for the full Marco Group furniture family. Contact us with any questions about Marco Group furniture products or to request swatches and get volume quotes.

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