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When your choir wants to hit the high note on a low budget, National Public Seating (NPS) Risers are the perfect solution. NPS Risers feature affordable prices, quick shipping and superior craftsmanship for an outstanding value. Choral risers are built with 14-gauge tubular legs, 16-gauge steel frames and premium grade plywood core decks.

NPS portable choral risers are available in tapered or straight designs so that you can customize your performance space as needed. NPS tapered risers allow choirs to more easily see the conductor as well as save space. NPS straight risers are great for outdoor spaces where space is less limited you want all eyes facing the crowd.

For quick performances or traveling choirs, NPS Trans-Port portable risers are just the solution. They eliminate the need to set up multilevel risers as they are a three-level carpeted choral riser unitized into one system. The Trans-Port riser is outfitted with built in wheels and simply require a single person for set up.

Order NPS stage and riser accessories at the same time to save with combined shipping rates! 

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