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  • Tip N' Roll Portable Bleachers
    As low as $1,432.95
  • National Series Bleachers
    As low as $1,873.95
  • 5-Row Transport Kit
  • 5-Row Preferred Transportable Bleacher
    As low as $6,869.95
  • 4-Row Low Rise Bleacher
    As low as $2,978.95

Portable Bleachers by NRS

National Recreation Systems (NRS) is the go-to brand for outdoor portable bleachers and sideline spectator seating for your school athletic events and special ceremonies. When it comes to last-minute schedule and location changes for pep rallies or special events, you need solid seating solutions that offer portability and reliability.

Made from lightweight and durable materials, NRS portable bleachers allow for quick transport, deployment, and storage, making them the perfect choice for an event-filled academic calendar brimming with extracurricular activities. Whether you need to set up seating for a sporting event, a graduation ceremony, or a school concert, NRS bleachers provide the flexibility to accommodate any occasion.

Designed with safety and comfort in mind, these bleachers offer sturdy seating for all your spectators, ensuring they have the best view of the action. The ease of mobility and setup means you can swiftly adapt to changes and ensure your events run smoothly. With a variety of sizes and configurations available, NRS portable bleachers can meet the seating requirements of any school or community event, providing a reliable and efficient solution for your venue needs.

Elevate your event planning with NRS portable bleachers, where quality and convenience come together to create the ideal spectator experience. Contact us today to learn more about our portable bleacher options or to get a quote for your next event.

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