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  • Acrylic Desk Mount & Panel Extenders by OBEX
    As low as $115.95
  • Acrylic Freestanding Barriers by OBEX
    As low as $87.95
  • Acoustical Tile Panel Extenders by OBEX
    As low as $188.95
  • Polycarbonate Tile Panel Extenders by OBEX
    As low as $154.95


OBEX cubicle panel extenders fit on top of your existing panels to enhance worker privacy and productivity. These adjustable extensions are designed to fit standard panel systems from all the major office furniture manufacturers, so it doesn't matter what brand of cubicles you have on site. You can easily add better function and higher value to your current panel system with our innovative product. Your employees will immediately notice the way these panels reduce noise levels and help them focus.

OBEX desk mount privacy panels are easily adjustable and attach to desks without damaging your existing furniture. Increase the cross-functionality of your desk set-up to maximize performance and results. Choose from a variety of custom colors, frames, and fabrics to enhance any workstation. Whether you need desk divider panels for classroom testing or want a more enclosed office space, these desk mount privacy panels are the ideal solution for any work environment.

OBEX Panel Extenders

The traditional solution to making cubicle walls higher is to put in new, taller panels. Here's a breakdown of the average costs for this type of project:

  • Cost of a new panel: $250 average per panel
  • OT Labor to tear down a cubicle: $100
  • OT Labor to install a cubicle: $200
  • Pull cabling/clear out cubicle: $50

Average Cost of a Cubicle Panel Extender $200
Labor: 5 minutes: $0

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