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OFD Bookcases

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  • Ultra Premium Laminate Series 5-Shelf Bookscase (65”H x 36”W)
  • Open Office Hutch w/ 2 Shelves (36'' W)
  • Laminate Bookcases
    As low as $181.95

OFD Office Furniture Bookcases

OFD Office Furniture Bookcases come in several sizes and colors to outfit any office, library, or school. Vertical storage is an excellent way to stretch your storage potential within a small office space. OFD's laminate bookshelves are available in several colors to match other OFD office furniture products. Add books, decor, and office supplies using the adjustable height shelves.

Maximize your storage capacity with OFD Office Furniture Bookcases, available in various sizes and colors to suit your office, library, or school. Vertical storage solutions are perfect for optimizing space in small offices, providing ample room for books, documents, decor, and office supplies.

Our laminate bookcases are designed for both functionality and style, offering a sleek and modern look that complements any office decor. With adjustable height shelves, you can customize the storage space to accommodate items of different sizes, ensuring versatility and flexibility in organization.

Choose from a range of colors to coordinate with other OFD office furniture products, creating a cohesive and professional workspace. Whether you need a single bookcase or a combination of units to fit your storage needs, our selection has options for every requirement.

Invest in OFD Bookcases to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your office environment. These versatile storage solutions offer durable construction and easy assembly, ensuring long-term reliability and satisfaction. Create a stylish and organized workspace with OFD Office Furniture Bookcases today.

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