Raymond Products Folding Chair Caddies, Trucks and Dollies

Raymond Products Folding Chair Caddies, Trucks and Dollies

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  • Raymond Folding Chair Dolly
  • Half-Size Hanging Chair Storage Truck
  • Round Folding Table and Folding Chair Mover
  • Folded or Stacked Chair Caddies
    As low as $399.95
  • Combination Chair Caddies and Table Trucks
    As low as $439.95
  • Two Tier Folding Chair Trucks
    As low as $484.95

Raymond Products Folding Chair Caddies, Trucks, and Dollies


        With a focus on innovation and productivity, Raymond Products’ Folding Chair Caddies, Trucks, and Dollies are the ideal tools for easily and quickly moving chairs and tables for your hotel banquet hall, church parish, and tradeshow convention center. Featuring heavy duty steel frames and rolling casters, these dollies accommodate folding chairs and tables while occupying a minimal footprint for easy long and short-term storage.    


        Raymond Products offers a range of solutions designed to enhance efficiency and convenience in various settings. Their equipment is built to last, ensuring that your investment supports your needs for years to come.    


        Discover the full range of Raymond Products to find the perfect fit for your space. Whether you're looking to streamline setup and teardown processes or maximize storage efficiency, Raymond Products has the right tools to help you achieve your goals.    

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