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View all by Raymond Products

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  • Rectangle Table Toters
    As low as $775.95
  • V-Shaped Book Cart
  • Heavy-Duty Platform Trucks
    As low as $635.95
  • Single Pedestal Desk Mighty Table Lift Attachment
  • Adjustable Cube Style Desk Lift
  • Pipe Rack
  • Karry King File Dolly
    As low as $156.95
  • Student Desk Mover by Raymond Products
  • Heavy Duty Waterfall Panel/Sheet Movers
    As low as $902.95
  • Half-Size Hanging Chair Storage Truck
  • HD Caddy
    As low as $173.95
  • Flagship Toter for Round Tables ( Capacity 10 )
  • Stacking Chair Dollies
    As low as $222.95
  • Panel Movers
    As low as $504.95
  • Bistro Table Mover
  • Two Tier Folding Chair Trucks
    As low as $484.95
  • 48, 60 or 72'' Round Folding Table Trucks with Rubber Tires by Raymond
    As low as $685.95
  • Raymond Folding Chair Dolly
  • Table and Sheet Mover
  • Royal Dollys
    As low as $154.95
  • Computer/Utility Table Mighty Table Lift Attachment
  • All Purpose Dolly
    As low as $133.95
  • Royal Dolly Cradle
  • Heavy Duty Cross-Braced Panel/Sheet Movers
    As low as $993.95
  • Heavy-Duty Panel Mover
    As low as $904.95
  • Folded or Stacked Chair Caddies
    As low as $399.95
  • Round Folding Table and Folding Chair Mover
  • Mini Heavy Duty Platform Truck
    As low as $355.95
  • Stack Chair Dolly
  • Combination Chair Caddies and Table Trucks
    As low as $439.95
  • 3700 Round Folding Table Trucks
    As low as $574.95
  • Table Tote
  • Panel Mover w/ Extra Tall Uprights
    As low as $653.95
  • Mighty King Desk Lifts
    As low as $433.95

View all by Raymond Products

Raymond Products has been manufacturing specialty handling equipment for over 50 years. They offer the widest selection of table and chair movers, including chair dollies, chair totes, folded chair trucks, stacked chair totes, hanging folded chair totes, and folded chair dollies. A distinguishing feature is their red non-mar, skid-resistant vinyl coating which protects the furniture being transported.

One of the most popular furniture storage movers requested is a stack chair or folding chair dolly. Raymond chair trucks come in a variety of sizes from their two tier folding chair caddy that can transport and store up to 72 folded chairs, or their half-size hanging chair storage trucks which are excellent for storing chairs in a small space. They have several folding table trucks, or panel movers that can be used to transport folded tables. Their round folding table truck movers feature the unique step assist feature that allows tables to be rolled onto the load area with ease. Raymond combination chair and table trucks have unique designs that offer convenience and flexibility. Their student desk mover is great for moving classroom furniture during routine cleaning and can also be used to move stacked chairs and a variety of compact utility tables. For moving office furniture, Raymond Products have file dollies and office desk movers that make quick work of a heavy job. Raymond Products ship out in 2-3 days and are all made in the USA.

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