Room Divider Solutions by Screenflex Partitions

Screenflex is the originator of the portable, acoustical wall that was patented in the 1990's. Avoid costly renovations and use your existing space more efficiently. Whether you’re sectioning off classrooms, dividing conference rooms into manageable spaces, or showing off artwork, what you need is a flexible solution. Screenflex Room Dividers are used as freestanding folding room partitions, portable classrooms, temporary walls, acoustical barriers, and movable art displays. The versatility of Screenflex partitions makes them ideal for houses of worship, schools and any commercial space such as airports and museums.

The Screenflex room dividers offer self leveling corner casters which are also non-marking and locking. Screenflex partitions are built with a similar design to a pyramid giving it a narrow top and a wide base for exceptional stability. State of the art panel construction gives the Screenflex partition tremendous sound absorbing capabilities, as well as visual barriers. Screenflex Room Dividers are made from a 3/4-inch closed cell honeycomb core that is covered on both sides with two layers of environmentally friendly, sound-absorbing fiberglass insulation earning a .65 NRC rating for noise reduction and E84 fire safety certification.

The only limitation with a Screenflex room divider is your imagination. These portable walls are tackable and accept tacks, push pins or staples to uniquely display artwork. Screenflex partitions are very popular as mobile art display walls during a school art show to display temporary artwork in any existing space. Use Screenflex portable panels for use at a conference or tradeshow to display branding and product information, or to create hospitality areas. Easily section-off large warehouse space when your company needs to do some in-house training. This eliminates the need to build-out rooms or to rent off-site training rooms. Use a Screenflex display tower as a kiosk to display information and easily move it from location to storage and back again.

Screenflex partitions can be upholstered in a range of fabric and vinyl colors to match or compliment your space. Acrylic room dividers are also available from Screenflex for crowd management and security checkpoints that offer a physical barrier, but has a clear view through. Perfect for makerspaces and commercial warehouses are Screenflex's portable welding screens that help contain sparks safely. Screenflex does offer custom mural and logo printing on any of their mobile room dividers. Contact us for pricing and to learn more about special design projects.

Accessories for these folding portable walls are also available for purchase to enhance your temporary wall. Add Screenflex swinging doors, windows and dry erase whiteboards. Connect multiple Screenflex portable partitions together with the optional Multi-Unit Connector or Gang Lock to create a continuous accordion folding wall.

Worthington Direct is an authorized dealer for all Screenflex portable partitions are we offer free shipping via standard tailgate delivery on most Screenflex units. Contact us for volume quotes and for assistance in space planning and room layout of Screenflex partitions to divide your space efficiently.

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