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Smith System Mobile Storage Cabinets

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A scalable way to manage classroom materials, Smith System Cascade® Storage cabinets are available in 9 unique sizes, with totes or shelves in 18 colors. Cascade storage units can be modified to fit the needs of your classroom and are available in three different sizes: Mini, Mid and Mega. Cascade storage units can be outfitted with customizable options like doors, casters, shelves and totes. Additionally, you can opt for a whiteboard back panel. Whether used for holding student backpacks or for learning materials, Smith System Cascade® Storage Cubbies, Towers, and Cabinets are flexible to meet a variety of storage needs.

Every day, elementary educators use more and more three-dimensional teaching aids and “manipulatives” in the classroom. Curricula based on project packets rather than text and workbooks are also gaining greater and greater acceptance. Both of these trends pose an unmet challenge to educators: How are you going to keep everything organized? We confidently recommend Smith System Cascade® Storage cabinets. 

Contact us to learn more about Smith System mobile storage cabinets, or to create a custom configuration to suit your classroom needs. 

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