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Smith System Soft Seating

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The streamlined design of Smith System Soft Seating makes it sing in any K–12 space that requires ancillary seating. It’s perfect for individual study and casual group-work areas – classroom reading nooks, your commons, libraries and media centers, or any collaboration hot spot. Generous sizes easily accommodates older teens and adult staff.

Smith System Flowform Soft Seating is the latest addition to flexible seating for K-12 spaces. Create unique collaborative interaction spaces for kids of all ages. Flowform soft seating is available in modern shapes, with padded divider walls to create barriers or be used as temporary perch seating. Flowform has three components, the soft seating line, a mobile storage line, and organic shaped table line, which all pair together for cohesive spaces. The curves of the benches mate to the curves of the storage units and tables. Form and freedom with endless possibilities!

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