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  • 120 Series Soft Plastic Stools
    As low as $115.95
  • 121 Series Solid Plastic Stool
    As low as $160.95
  • Analogy Lab Stool
    As low as $401.95
  • Civitas Analogy Stools
    As low as $181.95
  • Civitas Zuma Stools
    As low as $170.95
  • Metaphor Lab Stool
  • N2 Series Drafting Stool
  • Sage Drafting Stool
    As low as $422.95
  • Zuma Adjustable Lab Stool

Stool Seating by Virco

Virco Stools are built strong to handle heavy use in any school lab or work room. Use these lab stools in art rooms, workshops, or even cafeteria spaces. Virco stools are available in several colors and heights to suit all ages, from students to teachers.

Virco's stool seating options are designed to provide durability and comfort across a variety of educational settings. Whether you need seating for a science lab, an art classroom, or a collaborative workshop, these stools offer a versatile solution. Their sturdy construction ensures they can withstand the demands of daily use, while the range of available colors and heights allows for customization to fit the specific needs of different classrooms and age groups.

With Virco stools, you can create an adaptable learning environment that supports both students and teachers. These stools are ideal for settings that require mobility and flexibility, making it easy to reconfigure spaces as needed. The ergonomic design promotes proper posture, which is essential for maintaining focus and productivity during long periods of sitting.

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