Virco Table Caddies and Table Trucks

Virco Table Caddies and Table Trucks

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  • Heavy Duty Rectangle Table Trucks
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  • Mobile Table Truck for Round Folding Tables

Folding Table Storage Carts by Virco

Virco Table Caddies and Table Trucks are an efficient way to store and transport all of your facility's folding tables. Look for the rectangular folding table cart, or the round folding table caddy to suit your folding table storage needs. These carts are designed to make the management of folding tables seamless and efficient.

Virco's folding table storage solutions are essential for schools, churches, and event venues that frequently use folding tables. The rectangular folding table cart allows for maximum storage capacity, making it easy to transport multiple tables at once. For round tables, the round folding table caddy offers a compact and convenient option to keep your tables organized and ready for use.

Designed for durability and ease of use, Virco folding table carts ensure that setting up and breaking down events is quick and hassle-free. These storage solutions help maintain an organized space, preventing damage to tables and making them readily accessible for any occasion. Whether you're hosting a large event or a small gathering, Virco table carts streamline the process of table management.

Invest in Virco folding table storage solutions to enhance the efficiency and organization of your facility. With options to suit various storage needs, these carts are a practical addition to any venue that requires flexible table arrangements. Keep your space tidy and your tables in top condition with reliable storage solutions from Virco.

Contact us to get volume quotes on Virco folding table carts or with questions about how they may be beneficial to your storage needs.

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