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Training & Seminar Room Furniture Guide

For group settings in the office space, you need furniture that is durable, comfortable, and attractive. Luckily, there are affordable options that will make your space look great and provide optimal functionality. For large and small spaces, there are some factors to consider prior to making an investment in conference and training room furniture.

Training Seminar Conference Room

Training and Seminar Furniture

In training spaces, you may need to support a wide variety of activities. From computer software skills and learning company policies to hearing guest speakers, your training space should be highly functional. If you have a room that you can dedicate entirely to training and seminar work, then you can focus on finding furniture that will support the primary activities that take place in the room.


In most modern space, training tables will need to accommodate technology. If your company relies on mobile devices, any table setup will work; however, if you use desktop technology, you want to make sure that the tables you choose easily support the wires and power sources you need to reach. Planning your tables around the most current technology may set you apart from your competition and assist your staff in retaining important information during your training.

Basic tables are space saving and some will easily fold up and out of the way. This solution is perfect for non-technology training, seminars, and laptop-focused work. Available for low prices, while still creating an attractive setup, you can find package deals with chairs that work well in any training environment.

Balt Flipper Training and Conference Tables

Technology-accommodating desks allow for computer cords and power outlets to connect easily and permit quick access. Some options come with modesty panels used in a number of different training environments. Look for tables with easily cleaned surfaces like laminates and plastics. Some varieties even fold up for compact storage, while others provide a permanent training setup for frequent events.

Pronto Training Table with Lockable Cable Tray


The options for training and seminar room chairs are diverse, including traditional office chairs and stacking chairs. Depending on use, here are some of the more popular chair choices:

  • Plastic stacking chairs – Durable, modern, and easy to clean, these chairs are compact and work great for large crowds or short training sessions. Often referred to as high density seating, these chairs stack and store very well for busy event centers.

    High Density Conference Seminar Chairs

  • Cushioned stacking chairs – A cost-effective and easy storage solution, cushioned stacking chairs offer more comfort for longer periods of activity. Hotel conference rooms often opt for these padded chairs in keeping with comfort and hospitality.

    Office Style Conference Chairs
  • Office chairs – Perfect for computer training rooms, consider office task chairs with fewer features than those your employees use on a regular basis, but provide functional comfort and support compared to stationary chairs.

Other Accessories

Aside from tables and chairs, your training and seminar room may require dry erase boards, audio/visual support stations, projector screens, and a lectern. Think about the type of training and determine which of these additional items will be most helpful in your setting.

Conference Room Furniture

Lesro Mystic Conference Table

Your conference room will likely support a range of activities and be one of the few spaces routinely seen by outside visitors. If you want to make a great impression on partners, clients, and other guests, the conference room is a great place to invest. Ideally, your space should look professional and functional, but not ostentatious.


First, consider how many people you expect to entertain in a conference room on a regular basis. Your conference table should fit well within your conference space as well. Choose a table too large and it will overwhelm the room; a table that is too small will leave too much empty space. Try to leave at least four feet of space between the table and wall to allow for adequate room.

Boat Shaped Conference Table

Generally, tables fit an even number of people, and you will find that smaller, round, and square tables accommodate between 4 and 6 individuals. Rectangular and oblong tables commonly support 8-10 or 10-12 people. If you will use the space for collaborative work, consider a rounded-edged table. For board meetings and management discussions, use a rectangular, or squared-edged table.

Powered Conference Table

Today, individuals use conference rooms as collaborative spaces for multimedia presentations. If you expect to use technology during a meeting, consider a table that wired in the center to avoid dragging cords from the wall. Wood and wood veneers are the most professional choices of materials for a conference table, but high quality laminate can also be an effective material because of its durability over time.


Conference Guest Chairs

Because conference chairs typically support visitors in your office space, try to make the area comfortable with ergonomic seating. Depending on your table style, your chair may be very similar to a typical office chair or a stationary chair. Popular choices include:

  • Mesh-backed chairs – Providing breathability, these modern chairs are attractive and functional, making your conference space easygoing and comfortable over long periods of time.
  • Leather chairs – Make a strong statement with leather swivel chairs that keep their beauty for years and provide stylish elegance to your conference space. Look for chairs that have lumbar support and comfortable armrests for routine use.
  • Compact chairs – For more conservative environments, conference tables, and more casual environments, a captain’s chair or other lower backed chair choice is great.
  • Oversized chairs – If your chair choices are too narrow for some of your guests, or you anticipate needing an extra solution, consider adding an oversized chair to your conference room. As a gracious host, accommodate all your visitors with an attractive weight-bearing solution in your conference space.

Chair material should be durable and sophisticated. Leather and fabric options nice and hold up well over time, while vinyl upholstery can provide microbial protection. If you plan to use your conference room as a multi-functional space, look for chairs that fold up and nest into compact rows to save space when they aren’t being used.

The Worthington Direct Difference

If you’re interested in learning more about how to furnish your conference, training, or seminar space for great value over time, reach out to one of our representatives today. We look forward to helping you choose the perfect chair and table combinations to make your space a functional and stylish area of your office. Contact us today at (800) 599-6636.

Top Brands for Training & Seminar Conference Furniture:

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