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Looking for benches? Find a comprehensive selection of bench seating options from Worthington Direct. Choose from the most popular styles from leading manufacturers – all at great prices! We have school benches, including indoor benches, solid wood benches, outdoor bench seating, fixed benches, and lounge seating for hallways and common areas. Lab benches are also available for use in any size science room.

Bench Seating

Benches are an important aspect of designing spaces for schools and public spaces. They provide a convenient and comfortable place for people to sit, relax, and interact for a temporary amount of time. 

Different benches have their own unique features and benefits. From traditional benches to backless benches, built-in benches, banquette seating, and park benches, discover a seating option for every type of space.

When selecting a bench style, keep the space and intended use in mind, as well as the durability, comfort, and style of the seating. 

Safety should be an important factor when looking at benches for sale. Look at options that are stable and secure and designed with anti-tipping features. Benches with rounded edges will also minimize the risk of injury. Many outdoor benches feature legs that can be surface mounted or buried underground to detour theft and vandalism. 

Durability is important for high-traffic environments to withstand regular use. Materials such as metal or treated wood are long-lasting and resistant to everyday wear and tear. Look for benches that are easy to clean and maintain. 

Also, take into account your school's current décor and design style and explore options that complement the space.

Size and capacity will depend on the number of students who will be using the benches. Additionally, comfort is important for students who may be sitting on the benches for long periods of time. You can consider benches that are designed with ergonomic features such as backrests or contoured seats.

Benches can play an important role in creating a positive learning environment. Browse our wide range of quality designs to find your bench seating that provides the right balance of features, comfort, and affordability.  

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