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Padded Stacking Chairs and Upholstered Stack Chairs

Padded Stacking Chairs and Upholstered Stack Chairs

Stacking chairs provide a great way to save space yet maximize seating. When they are stackable, chairs take up a fraction of the room that they would otherwise. This makes it easy to push them out of the way, whether to a storage room, behind the curtains, or to another place out of view.

Stackable chairs are built with durability in mind. That way, they are ready to handle tough use, including moving them in and out of storage regularly.

Perfect for Rooms With Occasional Seating Needs

These stackable chairs are ideal for any space needed to be open or filled with seating, depending on the occasion. They are perfect for multi-purpose rooms or even gyms that also function as auditoriums.

The key here is that the stacking chairs take up minimal space when they are not in use. Yet, when you need to provide seating, you can easily set them up.

Comfortable Chairs

Some organizations are hesitant to get stackable chairs because they are concerned about their level of comfort. However, our selection eliminates this concern with padding and upholstery options. The padded stack chairs are comfortable to sit on, even for an extended period of time, such as during a presentation, play, or performance.

Improved Appearance

Opting for padded stack chairs adds comfort to the people sitting down and improves the appearance of the space. Plain chairs may make a room feel cold or boring. By contrast, upholstered chairs add an element of warmth, making the space inviting. They also add a splash of color depending on what you choose.

Options for Everyone

Another good thing about stackable chairs is that they are versatile. Schools, park districts, churches, gyms, and other organizations can use them for their multi-purpose spaces. Stacking chairs are especially popular for banquets and event spaces. Businesses usually keep a closet full of them for all-employee meetings. Even individuals can keep a few of these chairs in a closet or corner of a room.

Part of the versatility of these chairs comes from the range of options available. From your choice of material and color on the upholstered chairs to whether you prefer chairs with arms, there are numerous options available. You can even select chairs on rollers, those with extra space for people to stretch out, and backs of nearly any length, from extra-tall for extra support to stool style.
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