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Floor Furniture and Lowered Classroom Seating

Floor Furniture is one of the hottest trends in classroom design. Lowered tables, floor rockers and other flexible seating options are being ordered by schools nationwide. This low furniture concept stems from findings that students perform better when taught and tested in familiar "home-like" position using alternative and flexible seating options. Students, especially younger children, gravitate to the floor naturally and are more relaxed while learning new concepts.

To accommodate these floor chairs and cushions, low height floor tables have been introduced. These lowered tables in the classroom or library are much like a home's coffee table that often becomes the central hub for study and play. Most are available in all standard shapes and sizes and some even have dry erase table tops.

Maybe a whole classroom full of floor furniture wouldn't suit your daily needs Then consider just adding one or two lowered student stations to create specific learning zones that can be rotated between as needed. Designate your classroom floor seating area with a classroom rug to set boundaries and to add extra comfort.

Contact us if you have any questions about floor furniture layout as a new classroom concept
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