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Reception Seating and Waiting Room Chairs

No matter the type of organization or business you have, you want anyone waiting for you to be comfortable while doing so. That’s why lobby chairs are such an important purchase for any office, church, school, health clinic, or any other business. Worthington Direct understands the importance of waiting room chairs and offers a variety of options to suit your space.

Consider Oversized Reception Chairs

As you think about what chairs to get for your reception area, we encourage you to consider oversized ones as an alternative to the standard size or to get a combination of chairs. This will help ensure that your chairs are comfortable for all of your clients or visitors, no matter their size.

Many Lobby Chairs Are Stackable or on Casters

If you don’t expect the number of chairs you need in the waiting area to fluctuate, consider getting stackable chairs. This will minimize the amount of space that they take up when not in use, letting you easily put them in a storage area out of the way.

For those who don’t necessarily need stackable office waiting room chairs, another good option is to get chairs that sit on casters. This makes them very easy to move around as you rearrange the room. And while you can’t stack them in a closet, you can easily wheel them in and out of a storage area as you need additional seating.

Office Waiting Room Chairs With or Without Arms

Another factor to consider as you choose your reception chairs is whether you want ones with armrests. Skipping the armrests means that no one will feel constricted while sitting, but some people will appreciate the comfort that armrests provide. Armrests are also important for the ease of ingress and egress for elderly or injured visitors

Luckily, we have a variety of chairs, including some that are available in versions with and without armrests. That way, you can get chairs with armrests and those without that are nearly identical. As a result, your reception area will still look uniform, while your visitors can choose the style of office waiting room chairs comfortable for them.

Consider Sofa Seating for Waiting Room Chairs

Instead of individual chairs, you can also opt for larger sofa seating which is very welcoming and home-like. Lounge or lobby sofas are great for families to sit together. 

Select the Style of Waiting Room Chairs That’s Right for Your Space and Visitors

Between all of the options, you can easily select the style of reception chairs that best matches your space, the preferences and needs of your visitors, and your budget. We have chairs that are stackable, have armrests, and have casters. We also have sofa seating in stock. But there are also numerous other variations available.

Consider, for example, whether you want a metal chair with padded surfaces or a sturdy chair with upholstered cushioned surfaces. Do you want a sturdy sled base? Should it have a durable vinyl or soft cloth surface? We also have available leather seating for a more luxurious feel for your lobby chairs.

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