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Tablet Arm Chairs and Folding Tablet Chairs

Tablet arm chairs provide the perfect balance between seating and the convenience of having a handy writing surface without taking up too much space in a compact classroom, training room or seminar area. These compact seating options provide a classroom feel similar to a traditional combination chair desk, but are more "grown-up" in design and are perfect for business magnet schools and educational facilities preparing students for real-world applications. Many tablet arm chairs feature tablets that fold away when not in use, making chair ingress and egress easier. Folding tablet arm chairs are perfect for a multi-use space that needs seating for a meeting one day, and lectures that require notes to be taken the next. Tablet arms are not just strictly writing surfaces anymore, today they make a handy platform for mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, and of course tablets Many chairs are stackable or will nest with their tablets making them very flexible in use, and an excellent option for storage challenges. Look for tablet arm chairs from top brands such as Virco, Balt, KFI Seating, KI, NPS and Smith System.
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